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Entrepreneurial Brands Wade Through the Pricing Game

Recent news that big soda companies like PepsiCo and the Coca-Cola Co., Inc. are planning to take price increases to compensate for supplier costs has left smaller companies wondering how they should keep up.

BevNET.com spoke with several entrepreneurial beverage firms who face a tough choice: increase pricing or shrink margins. And while many seem to believe that there’s strength in their higher-end retail markets, there’s always the possibility that either they will want to expand – or the bigger fish will decide to spawn in the smaller specialty ponds, as well.

Aloe Introduces Itself

It soothes scorched and sunburned skin and takes the rage out of a rash, but now aloe vera is taking an even juicier role on the summer stage as an…

Coke to Invest $4 Billion in China

Beginning in 2012, the Coca-Cola Co., Inc. will invest $4 billion in China over a three-year period for new infrastructure and capabilities, partnerships, brand building and the development of new…

The Company Nobody Wants to Admit they Call

The employees of Parallel Products have turned the old adage inside out. To them,  one man’s trash is another man’s… ethanol?
The Louisville, Ky-based company turns discarded beverages that didn’t…

Marketers Shrug Off Proposed Oversight

Citing the increasing popularity of energy drinks and other dietary supplements, U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) has introduced legislation that could require marketers to register their products with the Food…