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Review: Ocean Spray PACT

If there’s any company that can credibly market a super-strength cranberry drink, it’s definitely Ocean Spray, which recently launched Pact, a low-calorie beverage that hangs its hat on the benefits of cranberry extract (specifically proanthocyanidins or PACS).

Review: Suja Elements “Holiday Edition”

Amid an autumn season that is now fully upon us, Suja has launched a new “Holiday Edition” variety of drinks that falls under its Elements line. Coming in three playfully-named flavors — Call Me Pumpkin, ‘Tis The Nog and Wassail to You — the drinks are nice homage to (and improvement upon) a few classic holiday beverages.

Review: Lumi Honey Crisp Apple

The concept behind Lumi’s Honey Crisp Apple juice is straightforward and something that goes nicely with the not overly processed theme of HPP beverages: take a seasonal ingredient (organic honey crisp apples from Virginia) and make a limited release product.

Download BevNET’s 2014 NACS Show Planner

The National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) annual show begins next Wednesday, October 7, in Las Vegas. or attendees, we’ve compiled a handy list help you navigate the event. Download our printable NACS Show Planner for all beverage exhibitors listed both alphabetically and by booth number.

Review: Southern Teaz

Southern Teaz is a line of USDA Organic ready-to-drink iced teas that incorporate biodynamically farmed tea from India. While the company that makes these products hails from Idaho, this flavor is certainly sweet enough to be called “Southern-style” (we can’t say the same for the unsweetened flavor).

Review: Tsamma Watermelon

Following the launch of WTR MLN Water comes Tsamma, another watermelon juice product that recently came to market. Marketed as containing 95 percent watermelon juice that is cold-pressed, the beverage also contains white grape and pomegranate juices from concentrate, malic acid (used for tartness) and natural flavors. The juice, however, is not high pressure processed, something that might hamper placement amid a super-premium set that is increasingly embracing the technology.

Review: Kohana Cold Brew Coffee

Since the debut of High Brew Coffee earlier this year, we’ve seen a couple other brands launch a canned cold-brew coffee line. One is Kohana, which in addition to the new line, revamped its graphics. The coffee comes in three varieties and appears to have what it takes to crack mainstream channels.

Review: Foodies Ciders

Taking advantage of momentum for cold-pressed juice, Five Star Foodies has launched a rebrand and reformulation its cider line. Now cold-pressed and high pressure processed, the line comes in three varieties — Ginger, Hibiscus and Jamaican — each packaged in 12 oz. bottles.

Review: Tumeric Alive Golden Milk

Tumeric ALIVE’s first dairy-alternative beverage is a high pressure processed (HPP) blend of coconut cream, hemp milk, turmeric, cardamom, raw honey, bee pollen, chia seed, vanilla bean, ginger and sea salt. While “golden” might not be the best word to describe the color, the flavor of the product is extremely enjoyable.

Review: Fire Cider

There’s a lot of buzz — at least on the bleeding edge — about apple cider vinegar-based beverages. Fire Cider is one of the more unique approaches that we’ve seen in the space. The product, which is made with apple cider vinegar, honey, oranges, lemons, onions, horseradish, ginger, habanero, garlic and turmeric, has an insanely complex and spicy flavor.

Review: Tio Gazpacho

Promoting its bottled gazpacho drinks with the tagline “no spoon required,” Tio Gazpacho is a high pressure processed (HPP) take on the classic cold soup. The beverages, which come in three varieties, are well-executed in both formulation and packaging and an impressive addition to the HPP beverage category.