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Review: Pok Pok Som Soda

Last month, Pok Pok Som launched a new line of bottled sodas that are made with the brand's drinking vinegar concentrate. Pok Pok Som Soda comes in four varieties -- Turmeric, Ginger, Grapefruit and Thai Basil -- and appears to be a concept that could take drinking vinegar to the masses more quickly than a concentrate product. However, there is a bit of work to do on the label.

Review: Confluence Coffee Oaked Cold Brew

Confluence Coffee’s take on a ready-to-drink cold brew coffee is a unique one that incorporates elements of both third-wave coffee and craft beer. It’s cold-brewed, oaked, and filled in a 12 oz. can with nitrogen. The resulting product is flavorful, although it might be slightly hard to get past the oaky flavor.

BACARDI Gran Reserva Stirs It Up With Chef Ari Taymor

The Los Angeles-based chef adapted his culinary skills to the mixology world and created custom cocktails using BACARDÍ Gran Reserva rums to be served as the official cocktails of the James Beard Foundation Taste America, where the rums currently serve as a participating sponsor for the second consecutive year.

Review: Vertical Water

Vertical Water, which is one of the pioneers of the nascent maple water category, has refreshed its packaging and messaging. We think there’s still a lot of work to be done to develop the maple water category, but Vertical Water’s latest update definitely feels like something that will help it continue to be a key player.

Review: Juice Served Here

Juice Served Here, an L.A.-based retailer of cold-pressed juices, recently added a line of high pressure processed blends to its portfolio. From "raw soup" to a blend of coconut water, coconut cream and activated charcoal, Juice Served Here has done well to craft an interesting variety of products.

Project NOSH LA: Preliminary Agenda Posted

Speakers come from hot brands like Health Warrior, 479° Popcorn, Krave Jerky, Barnana, Hail Merry, PopCorners, and Tate’s Bake Shop; from distributors like KeHE and Presence Marketing; retailers like Kroger and Thrive Market, and investors from VMG, ACG, Boulder Food Group, and more.

Review: Boylan Heritage

Boylan Bottling Co. has introduced a new line of bottled cocktail mixers. The line comes in three varieties: Club Soda, Tonic and Ginger. It's a well-crafted extension of the Boylan brand and a welcome addition to the fast-growing category of craft mixers.

Review: Sap On Tap’s New Flavor Varieties

Dora's Naturals has added two flavor varieties to its Sap on Tap maple water brand. The new Yerba Mate and Ginger Lime flavors are a nice extension of Sap on Tap brand and offer some good differentiation in the nascent maple water category.

Review: Limation Limeade

Limation Limeade is a high pressure processed blend of water, organic lime juice, organic sugar and raw sugar. As far as the flavor is concerned, the company has nailed it, with a bold lime flavor, just the right amount of sweetness, and that freshly made flavor that screams summertime.

Whole Foods Global Grocery Buyer Dwight Richmond Departs Retailer

It’s a significant change at the chain: Richmond teamed with Executive Global Grocery Coordinator Errol Schweizer to debut many new products, including a new emphasis on HPP juice and edgy ideas like chia and turmeric drinks, as well as a focus on product certifications such as Non-GMO and biodynamic.

Review: Säpp Birch Water

Made with 99.86 percent birch water and added citric acid, the flavor of Säpp's original offering is very light and quite simple. The product, which is very much in its early stages, has a subtle birch aroma and flavor, which is pleasing to the palate.

Review: SOS

SOS, which also comes in a berry-flavored offering, is a powdered drink mix that was designed to provide advanced hydration through increased electrolytes.

Review: Health-Ade Kombucha (New Varieties)

At last month's 2015 Natural Products Expo East, Health-Ade introduced a new sub-line of "Super-Teas," which are infused with a range of functional ingredients, as well as a holiday-themed variety. From our perspective, the new products well-formulated, and a nice extension of the brand.