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Review: Vita Coco Cafe

Earlier this year, Vita Coco unveiled a new name and packaging for its Coco Cafe line of espresso and coconut water lattes. Visually, the switch to a brand now known as Vita Coco Cafe was something that we were a bit skeptical of. That said, we definitely see this as an upgrade for the drinks.

What is Aseptic Processing?

Aseptic processing has become a vital element for many successful beverage products like Bai and Vita Coco due to its ability to allow products to be shipped at room temperature without fear of spoilage. But how does Aseptic processing work and how does it differ from hot, cold, high-pressure and other processing options?

Review: Zotiko

Promoted as “Premium hydration for a Waterfull Life,” Zotiko is an enhanced water/isotonic that is fortified with electrolytes, lightly flavored with cucumber and mint flavorings and sweetened with a touch of sugar and stevia. All in all, we like what’s inside the bottle. The outside of the bottle, on the other hand, is a completely different story.

Review: Lumen Water

Lumen Water is an ultra-premium bottled water that touts itself as one of the purest and softest tasting waters on the market. The product, which currently comes packaged in a 500 mL plastic bottle with a chrome top, definitely presents itself well. As a luxury water brand, however, it feels like this product would be better off in glass…

Review: Better Sweet Maple Water

Better Sweet is a USDA Organic maple water beverage that is made from a single ingredient: maple sap from Vermont maple trees. The overall approach to the design is polished and approachable, starting with its soft blue color palette. However, having the word “sweet” in the name implied that the product would be something a bit stronger.

Review: Caffeinated Club

The concept behind Caffeinated Club is simple and straightforward: mix flavored club soda with a mild amount of caffeine. The result is something that’s pleasant tasting and familiar. However, it’s the branding and messaging of the product that leave something to be desired.

Review: Juisi

Offering a slightly different take on cold-pressed, HPP juices, Juisi markets itself as a company that “creates beverages that draw inspiration from specific regions, cultures, and history.” In our review of the brand’s Kale Punch, Pineapple Jamu, and Cucumber Chia blends, we were pleased with the formulation of the products, yet we’d like to see more organic ingredients in the mix (the blends are not 100 percent organic). On the packaging front, there’s definitely some room for improvement.

Review: Go Body

Go Body’s Berry Pomegranate, which was the only flavor available at the time of review, is a pleasant tasting sports drink-style protein drink. It packs in 25g of protein with only 8g of sugar and 150 calories per bottle along with a well rounded mix of vitamins, antioxidants, and more. But does the packaging do a good enough job communicating the brand to consumers?

Channel Check: Energy Drinks

There’s some shifting down the line and an even bigger shift looming up the line as well. The big encroaching shift is that Monster is getting ever-closer to displacing Red Bull on a cumulative basis for overall sales.

Review: Blue Bottle New Orleans Iced Coffee

With about a dozen company-owned retail outlets and a popular retail and wholesale coffee bean business, Blue Bottle Coffee is a name that is well known in the high end coffee circuit. With the cold-brew coffee category heating up, it’s no surprise that Blue Bottle is throwing its hat in the ring with this product, a New Orleans Iced Coffee.

Review: EnerBee

EnerBee Organic Energy, which promotes itself as being made with organic honey, comes in a single variety: Lemon Green Tea. While we do think the company has successfully communicated that the product is a honey-based energy drink, the packaging feels a bit too aggressive and dark to be credible as a “better-for-you” offering.

Review: Zola Coconut Water Lemonade

Zola’s riff on a lemonade/coconut water product comes in the form of this product, a one liter Tetra Pak carton that is labeled as being 100 percent juice. The ingredients are, like the rest of Zola’s Tetra line, from concentrate, but that definitely doesn’t impede the company’s ability to craft a great tasting and thirst-quenching product.

Where Can I Find Potential Investors For My New Brand?

As one of the co-founders of Nantucket Nectars and a Managing Director at First Beverage Group, Tom First is well-versed in what it takes to launch and run a successful beverage company. In this video on BevNET Food and Beverage University, First draws on his expertise in financing new ventures to discuss where and how entrepreneurs can look to find investors for their brand.