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Review: Health-Ade Kombucha (New Varieties)

At last month's 2015 Natural Products Expo East, Health-Ade introduced a new sub-line of "Super-Teas," which are infused with a range of functional ingredients, as well as a holiday-themed variety. From our perspective, the new products well-formulated, and a nice extension of the brand.

Review: H2 Rose

With its tagline of “Drink and Be Beautiful,” H2Rose is a product that features rose water and saffron powder as its key functional ingredients. The product, which is 20 percent juice and clocks in at 80 calories and 20g of sugar per 12 oz. bottle, also features sugar, peach juice, stevia, flavors, and malic acid.

Review: Brain Juice

Brain Juice is a hybrid energy and cognitive shot that’s billed as being “nutrients and energy for your brain.” The product, which is distributed at Whole Foods, has a clean list of ingredients that includes alpha GPC, green tea extract, blueberry, acai, chia gold seed extract, vitamins, amino acids and L-theanine.

Review: Cuvee Black & Blue Cold Brew Coffee

Cuvee Coffee, which is an Austin, Texas-based coffee roaster and retailer, is one of only a few coffee roasters producing ready-to-drink, nitrogenated cold-brew coffee (the company claims to be the first to do so). Cuvee's offering is this one, Black & Blue, which comes packaged in an attractive 11.2 oz. can.

Review: Evolution Fresh Matcha-Infused Juices

Last month, cold-pressed and high pressure processed juice brand Evolution Fresh added a pair of matcha-infused varieties to its expansive line of products. Evolution's Organic Citrus Matcha and Organic Coconut Matcha are expertly blended and should find a good following among natural channel consumers.

Review: Hint Kick

In August, Hint introduced Hint Kick, a line of unsweetened, zero-calorie waters infused with 60 mg of caffeine from coffee bean extract. Available in three flavor varieties, including a Lemon Cayenne offering, the beverages are a nice extension of the Hint brand.

Review: Yoot Tea

Yoot Tea is a new line of beverages described by the manufacturer as "root teas." Available in three varieties, the drinks are infused with root-based ingredients, including dandelion and licorice, added for function and flavor.

Review: Brew Dr. Kombucha Citrus Hops

While we’ve had other hop-flavored kombuchas, this one seems like the best to date. We say this simply because the hop flavor doesn’t result in runaway bitterness as it does in some of the other products out there.

Review: Temple Turmeric Pure Fire Cider & Holiday Spiced Lassi

Temple Turmeric recently launched a couple new seasonal varieties to its line of turmeric-based beverages. Infused with the company's proprietary Hawaiian Oana Turmeric, Temple's Pure Fire Cider Super Tonic and Holiday Spiced Lassi Culture Blend are each unique and exceptional takes on the drink styles.

Review: MetaMatcha

Made with organic matcha, organic ginger syrup, organic apple cider vinegar, chlorophyll, organic ginger extract and organic lemon juice, MetaMatcha has one of the more unique formulations for a matcha-based beverage that we’ve seen. If only the packaging could live up to what's inside the bottle...

Review: Symbiosis Coconut Water

Symbiosis “Truly Raw Coconut Water” is something that sounds impossible: no heat, no high pressure processing, no radiation, no preservatives, not from concentrate, shelf stable (for four months), FDA compliant and USDA Organic certified

Review: Midori Matcha

Midori Matcha is self-described as a USDA Organic cold-brewed and high pressure processed (HPP) matcha green tea that is made with ceremonial grade organic matcha that’s imported from Nishio, Japan.

Review: Matcha Love Organic

Earlier this year, Ito En extended its Matcha Love brand with a line of ready-to-drink organic products. Available in three unsweetened and zero-calorie varieties, the products are a nice extension of the company's continued foray into matcha and organic beverages.