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Review: Lumi Juice Shots

Lumi Juice, a producer of cold-pressed, high pressure processed juice blends, has launched a trio of 2 oz. "shot" products. Formulated with a range of trendy and bleeding-edge ingredients (including turmeric and broccoli leaf), the juices are very well-executed and excellent addition to Lumi's portfolio.

Review: Live Soda Kombucha (New Packaging)

At the 2015 Natural Product Expo West, Live Soda Kombucha unveiled the latest iteration of its packaging. Featuring a custom 12 oz. glass bottle, the new look is definite upgrade for the brand and, paired with what's inside the package, Live Soda has done well to attract more mainstream consumers.

Review: Koa Natural Olakino

Koa’s Natural Olakino has taken a slightly different approach to its messaging than when it launched. Originally branded as “Koa Organic Water,” the core of the product is still 100 percent juice, including pomegranate, bamboo, mint, lime, amla fruit, annatto, guava, holy basil, red sea lettuce, lemongrass, carrots and lemon. In a nutshell, the company has processed and clarified the ingredients to create a product that looks like a bottle of water.

Review: CucuOne

CucuOne, which markets itself as an “English Cucumber Juice Drink,” is a USDA Organic and Non-GMO verified blend of water and cold-pressed English cucumber. This product, which is high pressure processed, comes in three varieties.

Review: Lotus Botanical Elixirs

The “Pink Lotus” formulation of Lotus Botanical Elixirs is a carbonated drink that features a proprietary blend of functional ingredients. Labeled as a "balance supplement," it is, however, unclear as to the product's purpose.

Review: Mo-Tea

Mo-Tea is a product that is brewed with organic moringa leaves, which are said to have variety of health benefits. From a taste perspective, the product, which is also made with blue agave, lime and spices, has a flavor that tastes similar to a lemon-flavored black tea.

Review: Pura Fruta

Presented as "Super Fruit Handcrafted Juice," Pura Fruta is a line of single ingredient juices that are cold-pressed and high pressure processed. Packaged in 12 oz. bottles, we think the brand has done well to position itself as a differentiated product in a rapidly expanding category.

Spotlight Category: Canned Juice Drinks

The canned juice category has received a shot in the arm through innovation and crossover products. Mountain Dew and V8 have caffeinated the category with Kickstart and V-Fusion, Pellegrino has revamped its products in cans and broadened the line, and FOCO has brought coconut water.