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Review: MALK Organics

Hailing from Houston, Texas, MALK Organics is a line of cold-pressed and HPP nut milks. Available in both ready to drink and ready-to-drink formats, each bottle of MALK is made with over one cup of sprouted organic nuts.

Review: Stumptown Grand Cru

As far as bottled cold brew coffee goes, Stumptown Grand Cru represents the gold standard. That said, the differences between this product and Stumptown's regular cold brew offerings will probably only be appreciated by hardcore coffee enthusiasts in the same way that some may (or may not) appreciate the nuances of red wine.

Review: Bramo Coffee

The premise of Bramo is straightforward: package organic, cold brew coffee concentrate in a format that’s convenient for travel and on-the-go preparation. To achieve this, Bramo uses a 2 oz. resealable pouch that’s designed to be emptied into a glass and then refilled twice with water to help the consumer easily mix the right blend.

Review: FATwater

Bulletproof’s “Fat Water” is a low-calorie beverage that takes one of the brand's foundational ingredients, XCT Oil, and uses it in a ready-to-drink form. Along with the name FATwater being something that's eye-catching, it bucks the trend of food and beverage brands that are trying to sell you on fat-free or low-fat products.

Review: Bolthouse Farms’ 1915 Juice

1915 is Bolthouse Farms' entry to the cold-pressed, HPP juice space. Visually, the company has taken a unique approach to the packaging, which is to add a square-shaped cap to a very square-shaped bottle. To that end, the bottle will -- at least right now -- be memorable simply for its shape.

Review: Forto Strong Coffee Shot

The concept behind Forto is to provide the caffeine of two cups of coffee in a 2 oz. shot. The liquid is made with organic and fair trade coffee and the package looks like a miniature version of the type of to-go coffee cup that you’ll find at many coffee retailers (the paper cup with the plastic sipper lid). On the surface, this sounds like an interesting approach.

Review: Temple Turmeric Super Blends

Temple Turmeric has updated the branding and formulation of its "Super Blends" sub-line. We think that the company done a fine job in the evolution of its Bullet Brew Turkish Coffee, Matcha Latte and Mexican Chocolate products, all of which have been improved upon the original versions.

Moringa Moves to Be the Superfood of the Moment

Moringa (Moringa oleifera) is a tree grown in subtropical areas of Central and South America, Africa and South Asia. The moringa tree’s seeds and leaves are both edible. However, it’s the leaves that are being heralded by Western companies as a superfood.

Review: Fresh Juice by Ripe Craft Juice

FreshBev recently launched a new line of juice blends that, like the company's Ripe Bar Juice and Ripe Craft Juice, are cold-pressed and high pressure processed. Simply named "Fresh Juice," the beverages are currently made and sold for Whole Foods Markets. Visually, it’s pretty easy to grasp what the products are all about, but the large checklist of ingredients on the front panel is a bit of a distraction.

Review: Pok Pok Som Soda

Last month, Pok Pok Som launched a new line of bottled sodas that are made with the brand's drinking vinegar concentrate. Pok Pok Som Soda comes in four varieties -- Turmeric, Ginger, Grapefruit and Thai Basil -- and appears to be a concept that could take drinking vinegar to the masses more quickly than a concentrate product. However, there is a bit of work to do on the label.

Review: Confluence Coffee Oaked Cold Brew

Confluence Coffee’s take on a ready-to-drink cold brew coffee is a unique one that incorporates elements of both third-wave coffee and craft beer. It’s cold-brewed, oaked, and filled in a 12 oz. can with nitrogen. The resulting product is flavorful, although it might be slightly hard to get past the oaky flavor.

BACARDI Gran Reserva Stirs It Up With Chef Ari Taymor

The Los Angeles-based chef adapted his culinary skills to the mixology world and created custom cocktails using BACARDÍ Gran Reserva rums to be served as the official cocktails of the James Beard Foundation Taste America, where the rums currently serve as a participating sponsor for the second consecutive year.

Review: Vertical Water

Vertical Water, which is one of the pioneers of the nascent maple water category, has refreshed its packaging and messaging. We think there’s still a lot of work to be done to develop the maple water category, but Vertical Water’s latest update definitely feels like something that will help it continue to be a key player.