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Review: Rebbl Vanilla Spice Protein

Ever since Rebbl launched its Super Herbs line, it seems like each new flavor and iteration is taking the brand to higher levels of flavor and polish. The brand's latest flavor, Vanilla Spice Protein, very much continues that trend.

Review: Soylent Coffiest Leaves Its Flagship Flavor in the Dust

The core concept for Soylent Coffiest is the same as the brand's flagship variety, with a 400-calorie formulation that features a rather stocked nutrition facts panel designed with meal replacement in mind. But what's added in the way of flavor is a huge step forward.

Review: Suja Drinking Vinegars

Suja, a leading brand of organic HPP beverages (and part of Coca-Cola’s investment portfolio), is using this product line to expand into one of the more nascent beverage categories: drinking vinegars.

Review: Metabrew Combines Coffee and Dairy-Free MCT

What Metabrew has essentially done is take the concept of Bulletproof coffee (coffee and MCT-rich grass fed butter, in the case of Bulletproof) and turn it into a dairy-free offering with added cacao and stevia.

Review: Greater Than Continues Its Evolution

Greater Than, a coconut water-based sports drink, has been through several iterations since it was launched in 2010. The formulation, packaging and branding have all been changed, which is pretty much par for the course for any product that’s trying to carve out a niche that doesn’t already exist.

Review: Invo Evolves to Organic Coconut Water

While going organic may help Invo stay current and competitive, the market has changed quite a bit. There are more brands competing in the ultra premium coconut water space. And, perhaps more importantly, this segment of the category has eliminated “raw” as an attribute, and there are now a variety of approaches to achieving the level of flavor required to play in this space.

Review: Is Sunup’s Unroasted Green Coffee a Hot Ticket?

Eliminating the roasting process, which is basically what gives coffee its signature flavor, results in something very different: Instead of a dark, bold, and sometimes acidic flavor, Sunup’s Green Coffee is light and slightly fruity.

Review: erva Yerba Mate

As far as yerba mate drinks go, Guayaki is certainly the bar -- and it’s even the brand that, according to the company’s web site, got the founder hooked on mate. So how does Erva stack up? The liquid is really enjoyable -- to the point where we wanted to quickly gulp down the entire bottle.

Review: Califia Farms Nitro Cold Brew

Califia Farms Nitro Cold Brew is a dairy-free offering that is, at least as far as we know, the first nitro cold brew offering to incorporate almond milk (and macadamia milk).

Review: LIVE Sparkling Drinking Vinegars

LIVE has done a nice job of creating one of the more market-ready vinegar-based offerings that’s currently out there. While it’s hard to say exactly how big the potential is for a product like this, it certainly seems like something that can tag along with their kombucha products, at least in some retail outlets.

Review: Starbucks Finally Joins the RTD Cold-Brew Space

Compared with what’s already on the market, this product isn’t exactly an innovative offering. But its execution is clean and the product is enjoyable, which allows Starbucks to be in the game with something that can certainly hold its own.