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Hannah Crum is the creator of Kombucha Kamp and has mentored 1000's of homebrewers around the world. She has been featured as The Kombucha Mamma on the Veria Network as well as in BevNet, Whole Life Times Magazine, LA Times Best Bets, Vital Juice and many more. Keep up on Kombucha industry news, interviews & brewing secrets at http://www.KombuchaKamp.com or e-mail her at kombuchakamp@gmail.com

Posts by Hannah Crum

búcha, Under New Veteran, Tries for Second Place

Looking to shed "promising upstart" status in favor of a seat at the big kids' table, búcha live kombucha has named veteran natural foods and beverage exec Ron Lloyd as CEO. The move, made quietly last spring, has already paid dividends, as the company’s new distribution strategy has recently pushed internal growth expectations up 30 percent for 2011.

The Kombucha Crisis: One Year Later

One year later, last summer’s withdrawal proves more hiccup than handicap. For a nascent beverage category like Kombucha, there’s not a much bigger crisis than having all major brands disappear from store shelves, just as growth appeared headed for warp speed. Everything was lining up in favor of the category. With a clear market leader in GT’s Kombucha and Synergy, a number of creative brands and established beverage companies crafting their own offerings, swelling grassroots support for healthier beverage choices, including a strong home-brewing community, and a massive distribution pipeline via Whole Foods and UNFI, Kombucha seemed on the verge of a breakout.