John Craven

John Craven


As founder and CEO of BevNET, John Craven is a widely-recognized authority on the beverage industry. He serves as the Editor-in-chief of and the Editorial Director of Beverage Spectrum Magazine, overseeing their day-to-day operations. John is a graduate of Boston College with a BS in Marketing and Computer Science.

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BevNET TV: Discussing Suja, HPP at Expo West

Leaning on high-pressure processing (HPP) as a way to bring its super-premium juices to a growing class of health-focused consumers, Suja has quickly emerged as significant player in the rapidly expanding field of raw juice companies.

BevNET TV: Emerging Trends, New Products at 2013 Expo West

Whether a first-time attendee or grizzled veteran of Natural Products Expo West, there was a singular feeling felt throughout: the 2013 show was simply mind-boggling in size and scale. Within the cavernous halls of the Anaheim Convention Center, a keen sense of excitement and opportunity filled the air as beverage companies, retailers, distributors and investors looked to take advantage of the rising tide of consumer demand for natural products.

AriZona Lets Facebook Fans Vote on New Flavor; BevNET TV’s First Taste Sampling

In celebration of their 20 year anniversary, AriZona is offering the chance for their fans to vote — via Facebook — on one of three new flavor concepts that they’ve created. Since it would be impossible to have every fan that votes try the flavor samples (and what fun would it really be to just vote based on the name of a flavor?), AriZona asked a variety of people, including food writers, celebrity chefs, random consumers on the streets of New York, and yours truly, to work as “Flavor Panelists.”

BevNET TV: A First-Hand Look at Expo East 2012

While Natural Products Expo East often gets overshadowed by its massive sister shows, this year’s edition, which featured dozens of entrepreneurial beverage brands, certainly held its own. Offering a mild glimpse of post-recession recovery for natural beverage brands and the industry as a whole, Expo East featured a strong showing from beverage suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers, with many showcasing innovative ingredients and sweeteners seen for the first time at the show.

WSJ: Coke in Talks to Acquire Monster Beverage

Breaking news as the Wall Street Journal has reported that Coca-Cola is in talks to buy Monster Beverage. The energy drink giant has a market capitalization of more than $11 billion and would be the largest brand acquisition for Coke. Shares of Monster Beverage have skyrocketed on the news, fluctuating between $75 and $79 per share.

BevNET TV: Trends and New Products at Expo West 2012

The latest Expo West show turned out to be the biggest on record with more than 60,000 attendees and over 160 beverage-related exhibitors packing the event. Marching through the vast halls of the Anaheim Convention Center, BevNET’s John Craven and Andrew Guard examine new and continuing trends seen at the show including new uses for coconut water, the growth of alkalized waters, natural energy, “refined” refreshment, and the increasing use of chia and oats in wellness drinks.