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Core Water Launches Sportcap Line

The emerging water brand – notable for its 7.4 pH, its founder, Lance Collins, and most distinctively, a custom cup-shaped overcap – is ditching that last bit of distinction as part of a sports cap line extension.

Race, Ethnicity, and Natural Food

“You know, I’ve never thought about that question before.” That’s what I’ve been hearing almost exclusively lately when I ask whether there’s anything alarming about the lack of racial and ethnic diversity that I found remarkably easy to observe at Natural Products Expo West.

The State of Sweet

The sweetener industry would like you to understand that corn syrup isn’t dead. It sees marketers and retailers who have been rushing to swap HFCS from products as following a fad, and not getting a good overall picture of consumer behavior.

Video: An Expo West Brand Ambassador Smackdown

With Darrelle Revis and Channing Tatum on board, the star power was there; but how did they do while reppin’ their brands? Let’s go to the tape and see.

When Titans Battle for Balance

Once built around one potent brand, companies like Coke, Pepsi, AB-InBev, Campbell’s are adjusting to changing times and changing tastes, including some consumers who disdain their core brands altogether.

Still Infused with Faith

“The cap category hasn’t even started yet,” insists Mikel Anderson, whose Blast Cap Technologies develops and sells caps to other manufacturers. “It’s not even born yet."

Tazo Founder Steven Smith Dead at 65

The co-founder of Tazo, Stash, and Smith Teamaker died on Monday. Reporter Richard Read, has touchingly written about Smith's life and last days.

Lance Collins Raises Curtain on Core Natural

Premium water is growing fast, there’s a void in the distribution market, and, just as nature abhors a vacuum, Lance Collins can’t stand a chance to go after white space in the supply chain.

Video: New Beverage Brands on Top at Expo West

In just its second year, but growing, the top floor experience is still relatively new to the ever-expanding Natural Products Expo West, which concluded on Sunday, March 8 in Anaheim, Calif. Nevertheless, a tour of its lower-priced, smaller booths easily lent insight into some of the bleeding-edge trends in the entrepreneurial beverage business, as well as key ingredients as well.

Video: Investors Swarm Expo West, But Few Deals

With a specialty in handling the kinds of emerging brands that are typically found sampling out of their booths at Natural Products Expo West, the more than 100 different fundraising rounds handled by food-and-beverage specialty law firm the Giannuzzi Group alone should serve as a fine indicator of the investment buzz that surrounded the event.

Video: Key New Products from Expo West 2015

There were hundreds of new beverage brands, re-branded products, new sub-lines and changed formulations at Natural Products Expo West, which concluded its three-day stand in Anaheim, Calif. on Sunday, March 8. In the report below, BevNET correspondents John Craven and Ray Latif point out some of the most important and impactful new products.

Green Juice in the Center Store

Made in Nature is trying to zig while others are zagging, introducing a new set of nutritious, premium juices called Telula in the shelf-stable juice aisle, long considered something of a center store backwater.

Tumeric ALIVE Rebrands as "Temple Turmeric"

Renamed as Temple Turmeric, the brand's new label that emphasizes and centers the mandala artwork on the labels of the high pressure processed, juice-and-nutrient-rich product line.