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Award-winning journalist Jeffrey Klineman has written for numerous publications, including Boston Magazine, Self, George, the Chronicle of Philanthropy and the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine. He is a contributing writer to Commonwealth and Razor magazines and worked previously as a courts and general assignment reporter for the Lawrence Eagle-Tribune. A graduate of Yale University and Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism, Jeffrey is also a partner in the Internet media company

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The First Night of the Party, or the Last?

Remarkably, the percentage of organic as part of the overall food basket remains less than 10 percent – much as the share of craft beer isn’t much more than 10 percent as well, but the indications are clear: better-crafted, innovative products that have a conscious component are at a tipping point.

Alpha Dogs - The A to Z of Power in the Industry

Who are the most powerful people in the beverage business? What are the trends, concepts, companies that wield it most effectively? We’ve given it quite a bit of thought lately. While we have trouble with rankings – we’re a bunch of writers, after all – we’ve decided to put them in an order we can all understand.

Coke’s VEB Unit Invests — In L.A. Libations

In a move that ties Coke’s Venturing and Emerging Brands group tightly to one of its most valuable service providers, the brand incubation unit today purchased a minority stake in L.A. Libations, which has handled much of the go-to-market and channel expansion strategies for many of VEB’s products.

National DSD Complete for Sparkling Ice

The new network comprises 252 distributors and allows the brand the luxury of having distributors actively selling the product in channels beyond grocery and drug, trying to gain shelf space in the "up and down the street" markets that establish the brand.