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Video: Chris Reed Explains Facility Expansion

Reed's, Inc. CEO Chris Reed figures that tripling the speed of the production will help the company move forward with less labor and roll out more product to absorb his facility’s inherent overhead figures.

Sprouts to Carry Something Natural

The flavored sparkling waters will hit shelves in October at all 175+ stores across 10 states, giving the Boston-based company a wider footprint in the Southwest.

The Return of Surge

A large and still growing social media movement has influenced The Coca-Cola Co. to begin selling Surge again.

Eye on the Market: Beverage Pricing in East L.A.

At the Vallarta Supermarket on Whittier Blvd. in East Los Angeles, Coca-Cola, Sprite and Fanta Mexicana sell for 4 cents a bottle. But those aren’t the only beverages that the retailer offers with a price point below the market standard.

FBU LA: The Person and the Product

The event conflated food/beverage rookies with financial gurus and broker veterans. It was idea makers and those who invest in the ideas. Slacks and blazers met jeans and brand tees.