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Video: Expo West 2014 Profile — Baagua

In the embedded video, which was filmed at Natural Products Expo West 2014, Baagua founder and CEO Dale Starnes said that the inclusion of whole-piece ingredients was “a happy accident.” It started as a practice of efficiency.

Video: Expo West 2014 Profile — Omgblends

The luxury of eating well without putting in the time was once reserved for those able to finance a maid or butler. Now, replacement beverages are stepping up and Omgblends wants a piece of the pie, which already includes brands such as Suja and Sambazon.

Video: Expo West 2014 Profile — Arty Water

Think maple and birch tree water companies have lots of work to do before persuading consumers? Think the same for cactus water? From a matter of association, and the arduous steps of building a contiguous category, the challenges could be next to nothing when compared to those of artichoke water.

Video: Expo West 2014 Profile — Caliwater

In the embedded video, which was filmed at the Caliwater booth at Natural Products Expo West 2014, founder Matt McKee goes into greater detail about the product’s chief benefits, such as skin revitalization and bodily detoxification. Among other effects, he said that the betalains can reduce under-eye puffiness and add a glow to skin.

Video: Expo West 2014 Profile — Vertical Water

Until distributors, retailers and consumers try maple water, they often hold expectations that don’t mirror reality. Rudy Quagliuolo, executive VP of Vertical Water, says as much in the embedded video, which was filmed this past weekend at Natural Products Expo West 2014 in Anaheim, Calif.

Tea-ing Off: The Next Wave of Kids’ Beverages

Natural Products Expo West 2014 offered buyers looking for new kids’ beverages several glimpses of new drinks that definitely colored outside the lines of longtime market stalwarts Capri Sun or Kool-Aid. But perhaps the most consistent idea was that some of the drinks featured products that had been repurposed from products or brands aimed for adults.

Sunny Delight Joins Roster of SodaStream Partners

On Monday, SodaStream announced that it has reached an agreement with Sunny Delight Beverages Co., according to a joint release. The companies will co-develop flavors exclusively for SodaStream, the at-home soda kit, in SunnyD Tangy Original Orange and Orange-Strawberry, among other varieties.

Chasing Coconut Water

The triumphant push of coconut water has influenced mainstream consumers to think about water in different terms and paved the way for the next tier of coconut water brands, such as Harmless Harvest and Zola. At Natural Products Expo West 2014 in Anaheim, Calif., yet another tier seemed to be taking shape. But it wasn’t coconut water; it was an amalgam of offbeat water brands. We had maple water, birch tree water and barley water. We had cactus water, olive water and even artichoke water.

B&G Foods Promotes Former Snapple Executive

The bond between the food and beverage CPG industries continues to strengthen. Last week, B&G Foods, Inc., a conglomeration of food brands such as Cream of Wheat and Ortega, announced that Michael Sands has been promoted to the newly created position of executive vice president of snacks, according to a company release.

Video: Expo West 2014 Profile — Bhakti Chai Crowdfunds for Capital, Growth

Sometime last year, as Bhakti Chai continued to grow and founder Brook Eddy knew that she’d have to fund that growth, she figured she wouldn’t have much trouble finding angel investors in Boulder, Colo., where the company is based. But when she’d started to exhaust options in her own backyard, she stumbled upon the idea of crowdfunding — the accumulation of contributions from a number of parties — via CircleUp, a leading online platform in equity-based crowdfunding.

Press Clips: The Effects of the Safeway-Albertsons Merger

When news broke last week of the merger between Safeway and Cerberus Capital Management, the investor group that controls Albertsons, the beverage industry could sense the ripple effects. Among those who were paying attention, the industry’s many tiers understood that the news would significantly alter the retailer landscape in the U.S. However, few reactions had a tone as fatal as that of Jia Lynn Yang, reporter for The Washington Post.

Expo West Intro: More Silk Almondmilks

With its latest offerings, Silk continues to innovate in the dairy alternative category and is set to introduce a range of on-trend products — including blends made with almond milk, soy, coconuts and protein — at the upcoming Natural Products Expo West show.