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Distribution Roundup: WAT-AAH! to Walmart

Walmart continues to express interest in smaller, emerging brands. We’ve seen brands like Inko’s and KonaRed land nationwide distribution deals. In April, the retailer announced that it will stock Wild Oats organic foods. And on May 13, WAT-AAH! announced that it has expanded its distribution network with authorization in Walmart Neighborhood Markets.

BevNET Live Day Two: Be the Brand

As they explained their products and their histories and their strategies, a theme prevailed amongst the brand ambassadors. There’s no blueprint way to run a brand, but the finest entrepreneurs, no matter their style, tend to embody their brand and own it like a second skin.

Sweetness That Lasts

More than 50 percent of consumers say they’re actively pursuing a healthy lifestyle and avoid sugars, according to a recent joint study by market research groups Mintel and Nielsen. However, when it comes down to the final decision, these consumers buy sweetened products at the same rate as other segments.

Alpha Dogs - The A to Z of Power in the Industry

Who are the most powerful people in the beverage business? What are the trends, concepts, companies that wield it most effectively? We’ve given it quite a bit of thought lately. While we have trouble with rankings – we’re a bunch of writers, after all – we’ve decided to put them in an order we can all understand.

Press Clips: Lunar Marketing

The Verge recently reported that Otsuka’s Pocari Sweat will be the first commercial product to touch down on another land surface in space. Along with Pocari Sweat, the can will contain the wishes of children across Asia, which were sent in letters to Otsuka and then etched onto silver disks.

BevNET Live Day One Recap: In This Together

It’s possible to thrive in this industry as a solo act, especially with a can’t-miss brand. However, as Honest Tea co-founders Barry Nalebuff and Seth Goldman indicated in their discussion Wednesday, partnerships can offer entrepreneurs advantages that just can’t be found alone.