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True Drinks Partners With Crossmark Canada

True Drinks, Inc. (OTCQB: TRUU), a healthy beverage provider with major entertainment and media company licensing agreements for use of their characters on its proprietary, patented bottles, today announced a partnership with Crossmark Canada to represent the brands in the Canadian Market.

XYIENCE Surfer Adds to Award Pile

Paul “Pluey” Pugliesi recently earned his third national title sanctioned by Surfing America in June on top of securing his fourth consecutive Western Surfing Association (WSA) USA Masters West Coast title in May, making him the only person in 25 years to have done so.

Protein2o Available at Hy-Vee Stores

“The addition of Hy-Vee stores is another solid step in our continuing rollout of Protein2o products. Hy-Vee stores, which have a long history of quality and excellence, are a well-established mainstream grocery retailer. We’re proud they’ve added Protein2o products to their shelves,” said Robert M. Kral, Protein2o President and CEO.