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Hint Adds a “Kick” of Caffeine in Brand Extension

Hint CEO Kara Goldin said the genesis of Hint Kick sprung from its robust business in Silicon Valley tech firms, whose employees -- seeking alternatives to coffee and energy drinks -- asked the company to created a caffeinated version of its still water.

Califia Farms Hires Dan Mader as Senior Vice President of Sales

Mader brings extensive food and beverage sales experience to Califia Farms and spent the last eight years as Senior Vice President Sales, National Sales Manager for Annie’s, Inc., a natural food company that went public in 2012 and was acquired by General Mills in 2015.

Panera Adds Blueprint, Harmless Harvest, Joia

Expanding upon a commitment to sell food items made without artificial ingredients, Panera Bread today announced plans to add offerings from Blueprint, Harmless Harvest and Joia to its bottled beverage lineup.

Q&A: Harmless Harvest Co-Founder Discusses “Raw” Revamp

BevNET recently spoke with Harmless Harvest co-founder Justin Guilbert to discuss in further detail why the company removed "100% Raw" and "Never Heated" from its labels and also addressed several questions as to whether external pressures, litigation and/or an updated formulation played a role in the updated positioning.

Mamma Chia Goes for the Green(s)

Boasting higher fiber and protein counts than current green beverages on the market, Mamma Chia founder and CEO Janie Hoffman believes that the four-SKU line has the potential to “evolve the greens category in a way that we haven’t seen.”

Portion of Proposed Class Action Lawsuit Against Bai to Proceed

U.S. District Judge Haywood Gilliam in the Northern District of California declined to dismiss the case in its entirety, agreeing with plaintiffs that a “reasonable consumer” could be misled into thinking that phrases like “Antioxidant Packed” means that the beverages provide a “good source” of antioxidants.

Harmless Harvest Drops “100% Raw” From Labels

Citing the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s “lack of legal definition or certification for the term ‘raw,’” Harmless Harvest wrote in a recent blogpost that “there is no way for us—or any product—to achieve official certification that we are a raw product,” hence the decision to remove “100% Raw” from its labels.

New on FBU: How to Efficiently Optimize Your Retail Strategy

To better understand methods for getting a retailer to optimally sell your product, including strategies in both category and shelf management, working with brokers and how to navigate sales data, FBU recently sat down with Daniel Lohman, who is a strategic advisor specializing in the organic and consumer packaged goods industry.

With Launch of Sam Lives, Fresh Samantha is (Sort Of) Back, Again

She is the namesake of pioneering super premium juice brand Fresh Samantha, and while Samantha Levin was just two years old when her father launched the beverage line, she’s following in the footsteps of her family’s business -- for the second time -- with an HPP smoothie/meal replacement brand called “Sam Lives.”

Genius Juice Undergoes Facelift, Launches New Bottle Size

Having recently secured new distribution and retail placement in Southern California, Genius Juice, which produces a line of high pressure processed (HPP) organic coconut smoothies, has refined its branding, reduced its product offerings and unveiled a new 12 oz. bottle.