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  1. Bring Back Cyclamates!
  2. aspartame toxicity: brief review 26K: Murray 1.13.3 rmforall
  3. EU MEPs vote to re-evaluate aspartame and stevia: Martini: Murray 3.21.3 rmforall
  4. 59 page critique of 12.4.2 ECSCF report on aspartame: Gold: Murray 2.16.3 rmforall
  5. genotoxins: Ace-K, stevia fine; aspartame poor; sucralose, cyclamate, saccharin bad
  6. brief aspartame review: formaldehyde toxicity: Murray 9.4.3 rmforall
  7. aspartame review: methanol, formaldehyde toxicity: Murray 9.5.3 rmforall
  8. EU votes 440 to 20 to approve sucralose & reevaluate aspartame & stevia 4.10.3
  9. All about Aspartame
  10. Sucralose (Splenda)
  11. Tagatose or Naturlose
  12. Pepsi One to switch from aspartame to sucralose
  13. President Bush and John Edwards are aspartame victims; did Al Gore quit Diet Coke?
  14. aspartame, methanol, formaldehyde, formic acid toxicity
  15. what is acesulfame
  16. Sugar vs. HFCS
  17. How to Decide if Certain Ingredients Belong in Soft Drinks
  18. Cyclamates
  19. aspartame causes cancers in Italian 2-year study with 1800 rats: Murray 2005.07.19
  20. methanol (formaldehyde, formic acid) disposition: M Bouchard, 2001: Murray 2005.05.30
  21. Spenda Ads Are Misleading
  22. Current legal status of Stevia
  23. pepsi one sucks
  24. Medication change in taste.
  25. Splenda
  26. Sugar to HFCS in soft drinks...when did it happen?
  27. Aspartame -- the shocking story, The Ecologist, Ecologist, p. 35-51, full text
  28. NM EIB October 4 votes 4-2 for 5-day aspartame toxicity hearing July, 2006
  29. Aspartame quagmire deepens, methanol (formaldehyde, formic acid) toxicity facts
  30. aspartame causes cancer in rats at levels approved for humans, Morando Soffritti
  31. Ramazzini implicates the aspartic acid in cancers from aspartame: Samuels: Murray
  32. endothelial injury (diabetic neuropathy) by formaldehyde from methanol (aspartame)
  33. unsafe aspartame must be banned, Roger Williams, MP in UK Parliament, The Guardian
  34. Cancer fears re aspartame, Paul Matthews, Daily Mail, UK, 21 comments 2005.12.15
  35. aspartame & quinoline yellow, MSG & brilliant blue harms nerve cells
  36. Sucralose
  37. Ace-K - Acesulfame K
  38. New York Times, Melanie Warner, aspartame causes cancers, Ramazzini study by Soffritt
  39. Low Sugar, Drinks w/out aspartame, splenda, etc.
  40. Help please!
  41. Sucralose
  42. Coca-Cola, aspartame, arsenic all cause cancer, Ramazzini Foundation, M Soffritti
  43. aspartame carcinogenicity in rats, Ramazzini Foundation, F Belpoggi, M Soffritti 2006
  44. Aspartame Controversy, in Wikipedia democratic encyclopedia
  45. Xyilitol
  46. UK ASDA (Wal-Mart) bans aspartame, MSG, dyes, additives to prevent ADHD in kids
  47. UK ASDA (Wal-Mart) bans aspartame, MSG, dyes, additives to prevent ADHD in kids
  48. Coca-Cola and Cargill Inc.will soon sell rebiana (stevia) in drinks and foods
  49. stevia to be approved and cyclamates limited by Food Standards Australia New Zealand
  50. lifetime low dose aspartame from prenatal on causes cancer in rats, full 24 page text
  51. Australia report 2001 finds arsenic in sucralose at 15 % of EPA ADI limits, lead 67 %
  52. Stevia is the BEST sweetener
  53. Aspartame has been renamed/now a natural sweetener
  54. [Rant] Lipton sucks
  55. "Reasons to Avoid Aspartame" by Dr. Ben Kim
  56. Sugar VS HFCS
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