View Full Version : Candy Apple Faygo

06-22-2005, 02:12 AM
It disappeared from here a long whoie ago. I will buy any and all you guys will offer me. It seems a lot of people are finding it at little hole in the wall stores. I was going to stock up when I found they weren't making it anymore and by then it was gone. PLEASE help me.

06-22-2005, 02:13 AM
Heck, I will even trade it for whatever Canadian pops you guys want or anything from Detroit, MI area (Cherry Crush etc) Please please get me some of this stuff

06-22-2005, 06:16 AM
Sorry, the only Faygo I can get here is Rock 'N Red, Cream, Blueberry, Root Beer, & Red.

Anita has a picture of her drinking it somewhere on the board.

06-22-2005, 11:35 AM
wonkapete found it too

Look In The Tunk
06-22-2005, 12:42 PM
I found my candy apple faygo at a real junky exxon station. Try looking at the old conveniencce stores for Candy Apple.