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05-27-2006, 01:57 AM
Is there any chance coke will start producing flavor exentions of COKE ZERO as aposed to Reg Diet Coke?? Like Black Cherry Vanilla Coke Zero, or Coke Zero with Lime???? thanks

05-27-2006, 10:15 AM
my guess is that the next step will be "caffeine free coke zero" (or "coke zero free"). and that may not be for another year or so.

the brand is still catching on... mostly by good word-of-mouth. which sort of makes sense. coke doesn't want it to cut into diet coke's sales.

keep in mind that diet coke is expected to overtake pepsi as the #2 soda in the US in a few years... and coke doesn't want to sabotage that. also, diet coke uses the "new coke" formula... which tastes more like pepsi than coke classic. which explains why a lot of pepsi drinkers drink diet coke, instead of diet pepsi.

to think of it another way, coke now has, both, a diet cola that goes head-to-head with pepsi, and another that holds on to coke classic drinkers who need to move to a zero calorie option.

i'm expecting coke zero to appear in the Top 10 sodas list in the next year or so (it needs about a 1.4% market share). after one year, reports have it between 0.8-1.2% (already as much as cherry coke). that's pretty impressive.

anyway, to answer your question, i'd be surprised if we see a flavor extension other than caffeine-free, but... you never know.

personally, i think a cherry coke zero would be pretty good. smile.gif

DJ HawaiianShirt
05-27-2006, 02:34 PM
I agree with popo.

Although Coke Zero is delicious, it's not popular enough. If they have average sales with Coke Zero, they will not have above-average sales with a flavored Coke Zero.


05-27-2006, 02:51 PM
i think coke is still trying to figure out how to market coke zero.

they want to say "it tastes better than diet coke!" but, of course, they can't.

besides, a lot of people LOVE diet coke.

i think they're hoping that coke zero attracts new dieters... and diet coke keeps the ones it has.

we'll see.

but, i agree with DJ, coke zero tastes a lot better than diet coke.

05-28-2006, 02:52 AM
I thought from the second I tasted Coke Zero that a Coke Zero Cherry would be a great, great drink

05-28-2006, 01:54 PM
aside from coke zero and coke with lime, aren't all of coke's flavored colas based on the "new coke" formula (i.e. cherry coke, vanilla coke, black cherry vanilla coke, and diet coke)?

can anyone answer this question?

05-29-2006, 03:54 AM
no, the only thing that new coke tastes close to is diet coke and even that is not by too much since the artificial sweetener leaves a strong after taste.

05-29-2006, 10:35 AM
Originally posted by XLS_04:
no, the only thing that new coke tastes close to is diet coke and even that is not by too much since the artificial sweetener leaves a strong after taste. oh ok. because i was just under the impression that when they used the name "coke" on the packaging that it was using the "new coke" formula, and when it says "coca-cola" on the packaging, that it was using the classic formula.

thanks for clearing that up.