View Full Version : Is It Possible To Take on Coke & Pepsi.

01-23-2004, 11:07 PM
The more I think about the more I have come to the conclusion that Pepsi and Coke really are not very good products and should rank right up there with McDonalds as far as providing today's youth quality healthy food. Pepsi and Coke are the liquid version of Buger King and McDonald's. With obesity and diabetes running amuck I think it is time for us to face the facts that enough is enough. Anymore when I think of Coke and Pepsi I think of Phillip Morris. I realize they both have other products but the majority of there sales comes from the bottle dwellers regular Coke and Pepsi. Basically, sugared water.
In this day and age it is hard to think of products that are so widely consumed and so hazardous to ones health. I think more states will be kicking them out of schools nationwide soon. About time. :cool: