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01-31-2004, 07:59 PM
I should know the answer to this. Is Dr Pepper in the Fredrick, MD area from RC Winchester?

02-01-2004, 11:32 PM
Yes. I bought CF Dr Pepper from Winchester there just last week. I believe they have the rights for all of Frederick county, plus the rest of western Maryland. Anything east and south of that in Maryland is PBG/indie Pepsi.

02-04-2004, 10:49 PM
Nope. Not all of Western MD. RC Winchester supplies product to all of Western MD from Frederick west. However, you will NOT find Dr Pepper from anyone but PBG in Allegany and Garrett counties. Washington County has DP from RC Winchester, and has 3 varieties you can no longer get up here (and some you never could). RC Winchester has CF DP, CF DDP, and Red Fusion, all of which are not available in Cumberland.

Before the Sierra Mist national conversion by PBG, 7Up was Pepsi's in Garrett and Allegany. That has since changed. Washington and Frederick counties have always have DP and 7Up in RC Winchester's system.

02-05-2004, 12:42 AM
I guess you would know, you live up there. smile.gif

Winchester does run up into PA some, though. Up I-81.

And from what I recall, Winchester didn't have 7-Up in all of Frederick County. Part of it was PBG Frederick until the big conversion.

02-05-2004, 06:31 PM
Really? That I never knew, but I've never been in anywhere in Frederick County that wasn't Frederick. I thought I heard somewhere that third-tier was distributed by Pepsi in Frederick County, but I thought that person was just misinformed.

RC Winchester is in Bedford County, delivered in from Cumberland. It also supplies Dr Pepper to Franklin County. However, all other 3rd tier products in and around Chambersburg and Waynesboro are Davis. As you creep up I-81, everything becomes Davis, and Dr Pepper becomes Pepsi's child once again in the Harrisburg area. North of Bedford on the I-99 corridor, ABC is the 3rd tier bottler, and that at one time, was one of the weakest 3rd tier areas in the country. Pepsi did Dr Pepper and 7Up, Coke did Sunkist, Squirt, Welch's, and Canada Dry, and at one time, I believe also had A&W. You always used to find some interesting stuff there, and you still can, like Big Red, Sun Drop, Cherikee Red, 50:50, and some other Cotton Club stuff. Just there was a lot more interesting stuff before. Some small 4th tier operation is getting Hires and Crush from somewhere in Altoona, and Canada Dry is still Coke's since CCE took over. Third-tier is doing much better there now w/all the changes in products.

02-07-2004, 12:04 AM
As far as Pennsylvania goes, I am familar with the eastern half of the state a lot more than the western half. I have noticed the transitioning of the DPSU stuff as you go up 81. A few differences between the CCE offices and ABARTA.. but PBG controls the whole state for Pepsi. DPSU brands are mostly Canada Dry Honickman, Davis, a little RC Winchester, and then there's Crystal Soda Water.. They have Cherikee Red!

The whole Herb thing was interesting, too. You'd see Sunkist and Welch's with Coke.. and Sunkist 16.9oz angle bottle 6pks. Post-merger, CCE dumped those flavors, and went with Fanta until MM juice-added sodas were released. They also dumped MAC and shipped cans in from Twinsburg OH and Elmsford NY. I used to travel from New Jersey to the Poconos area infrequently, and I always thought it was neat to see the Coke cubes (I didn't know that Central had them as well).

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02-07-2004, 01:14 AM
The Western half was mainly HERBCO for Coke at least from about State College on I believe. Coke had Squirt, Sunkist, Welch's, and Canada Dry in those parts, and had the Sunkist angle bottles, which were always cool. They did Ruby Red Squirt, Diet Squirt, Diet Sunkist, and some other stuff. They also did Evian water until the CCE buyout, instead of Dasani.

Pepsi had Dr Pepper in all of Western PA, except for the immediate Pittsburgh area, where it became Coke's. Pepsi had 7Up in some parts, like Altoona, but did not have it in Johnstown. In Fayette and Westmoreland counties they had it, as they did in Greene County as well, but w/o Dr Pepper, as Greene County is in the Morgantown, WV distribution system (Consolidated Coke in PA!)

Westmoreland County and Indiana County are two counties I can't ever figure out, because I didn't care when I could have found out anything. They were different than anywhere else, but they both had Sunkist w/Coke. Westmoreland County had DP w/Coke, but Indiana County didn't have it. Seems like Herbco, they both changed to Fanta, and Westmoreland looks like the rest of Pittsburgh now in terms of products.

Third-tier is ABC across this entire region, and only Greene County has DP (from Morgantown). The rest has 7Up now, but some spaces had their best drink as RC, A&W, Sunkist, and Canada Dry if they were lucky. Altoona had A&W and RC until the CCE buyout, and did terribly. There was a 4th tier in Pittsburgh that used to do RC, Nehi, Sun Drop, Cotton Club, and some other different stuff, but they since sold out to ABC, and now ABC does everything of that but the Nehi, which is gone from this region for good it seems.

Pepsi rules this region, and third-tier in the Westcentral part is close to market share of Coke. I don't know why Coke still does so terribly in those markets. In Pittsburgh though, Coke seems to be very dominant. It was once Cameron Coke, but became CCE, and is now the HQ for Eastern Great Lakes. Fanta is nowhere to be seen in Pittsburgh, although in the areas that were once Herbco, it was once everywhere. Everything is now Minute Maid.