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Mr Nethead
09-11-2005, 11:15 AM
Allow myself to introduce... myself.

My name is Mr. Nethead and I'm an addict. A soda addict that is. I've been lurking here for a while so I thought I'd finally join in.

My favourite soda is Coke. I love variety though. Generally, I favour most sodas produced by Coke and Dr. Pepper/7 UP. I can't stand Pepsi, and I feel the best product they make is Mountain Dew. (Which is mediocre at best.) Oddly enough, I absolutely love Pitch Black II. That stuff is awesome.

I think some of you would love the stores here. We have TAB, Mello Yello, Pibb Xtra, Fanta Pineapple, Fresca and even Coke C2. I gather from reading this board that a lot of those sodas are pretty scarce in some areas.

I loved Surge back in the day. Obviously I was excited when I heard about Vault. I bought 6 bottles on eBay for about $20. (I gave two bottles away.) It was worth it! Man that stuff is awesome. I honestly can't understand how anyone could not like Vault.

When I'm not drinking soda I enjoy vitaminwater quite a bit. They recently started selling it here at convenience stores. I had been ordering it by the case. I definitely seem to perk up after I drink that stuff, so maybe it works as advertised. (Endurance seems to be especially energizing.)

Anyway, I look forward to hanging out with you all.

Mr Zabe
09-11-2005, 11:42 AM
Welcome to our friendly soda pop/beverage board.
Your resume is very impressive.
Enjoy and join in the fun. smile.gif