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02-18-2004, 10:59 PM
Does anyone know where the source of DASANI bottled water by coca cola come from,
surely not the standard public water system,
not when you can buy mountain spring filtered water cheaper.

02-19-2004, 01:20 AM
Dasani comes from many different places. Yes, it is municipal water, but ran through a multi-step process (including reverse osmosis) to remove all impurities. Next, a small amount of minerals is added back into the water for a taste that is consistent across the country.

CCE and the other bottlers have been adding lines to many existing production facilities to produce Dasani. Here are the facilities I know of:

II = Washington, PA (Pittsburgh area). Dedicated facility. Produces bellybanded multipacks and loose bottles.

KM = Maspeth, Queens, New York. Produces shrinkwrapped multipacks.

RM = Richmond, Virginia. Produces fridgepacks, shrinkwrapped multipacks, and 20oz.

PH = Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 20oz only.

SY = Charlotte, North Carolina. Produces various bellybanded and loose packages, plus fridgepacks.

In France, Dasani is going to be a mineral water. Coke recently bought the Chaudfontaine brand and its' source in Belgium. Elsewhere I think it is a purified water, though.

Spring water can be questionable. Poland Spring has been under some scrutiny lately for not being true spring water.

Coke has positioned Dasani as a mid-price brand, above the lower priced spring water brands, but below the premium brands (like Evian).

02-19-2004, 11:10 AM
Thanks for that, its the information I was after, unfortunately after discovering this, it is not the source of water I want to consume, not just because of where it comes from but its also a taste issue, Here in England we have such a wide choice of reputable companies supplying quality sourced water at good prices, that I do find it hard to see how such a reprocessed type of water will do against its competitors.

02-19-2004, 07:49 PM
Alot of people have complained about the taste of Disani water.

02-19-2004, 07:57 PM
If I am going to drink a bottled water, I only go with Dasani because it is truly refreshing. Aquafina has a terrible taste and most other bottled waters taste like nothing more than tap water. Dasani has a very quenching flavour.

02-21-2004, 06:26 PM
Blimy Whattheworldneedsnowpibb You gotta be working for that company or you got shares, your reply is so like an advert for that processed water, if you gotta choice to drink spring water, or water that has been shat or pissed in no matter how processed and you choose the latter, it don't seem normal.

02-22-2004, 10:20 PM
I think the water is a disgusting tasting an overpriced failure of a drink. Spring water is pretty good though. I even like tap water better than Coke's overpriced crap.

02-22-2004, 10:37 PM
Price wise I prefer the 79 cent store brand jug, but Dasani does taste refreshing.

DJ Brian
02-23-2004, 04:04 PM
I will agree. It must be the addition of the minerals, including a small pinch of salt (says sodium added right on the bottle). It takes away the tap water taste highly consistent with Aquafina and Aberfoyle, to name 2.

03-21-2004, 09:28 AM
WELL shiver me timbers, I am not gonna tell you I told you so on the 18th feb this year but,"I TOLD YOU SO".I said Its not going to catch on.
Since my last reply Dasani by coca cola has been slated in the National press for being just tap water purified,(the british expected a quality water from a quality name, we mostly drink spring), Trading Standards investigated them, then this week it has all been recalled as theres too much chemicals in it after it was branded as pure, oh and it tastes crap.

03-21-2004, 08:18 PM
Originally posted by deanbed:
Blimy Whattheworldneedsnowpibb You gotta be working for that company or you got shares, your reply is so like an advert for that processed water, if you gotta choice to drink spring water, or water that has been shat or pissed in no matter how processed and you choose the latter, it don't seem normal. Oh go screw a penguin

03-23-2004, 03:07 AM
i almoast never drink water but if i do i drink DASANI

03-23-2004, 03:14 AM
Coke should continue to do what it does best!!! They make the very best HFCS and water crap in the world.... they should be very proud..... :(

03-23-2004, 04:08 PM
Gimme a Poland Springs bottle anyday!
When in Atl. Ill take a Crystal Springs.

Thank You

03-24-2004, 09:14 PM
Well time to retire now dasani is no more in the uk after surviving a whole month, I think I have achieved my object. goodbye and god bless you all.

03-25-2004, 12:33 PM
"LATEST" national papers today, dasani bottled water now a collectors item, find them on ebay uk.

03-25-2004, 06:17 PM
Deanbed, I thought you said you were to good for us and going away?

03-25-2004, 08:53 PM
not too good, your all right really, just trying to get some heated conversation going, but your just too damn cool for that, just popped back to say I told you so. gone but still watching you,
you might call me a soda stalker.

03-25-2004, 09:20 PM
I say deanbed old chap, did you know that ebay is also selling the reverse osmosis kits, the same as coke used to make dasani water on ebay for £150, it must have cost coca cola a fortune to set up their factory here. (joke)
what with them using our tap water at 0.001pence per 10 litres and selling it on for about £9 per 10 litres, thats 1000s per cent profit I think they thought we were right old dumb brains. nearly the price of the cheap champagne I so like.
You should try Champagne with Red Bull energy drink, me and my ex wife swear by it.

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03-25-2004, 09:22 PM
Soda Stalker eh? It's illegal to stalk in the U.S.A. Anyways stick around we could use the dialog. Check out E-dudes posts he's always good for a laugh. If you ask, he will probably tell you why his energy drink is better than Hildon Still water and how better it's selling.

03-25-2004, 09:36 PM
Hey glassbottle apparently theres collectors out there who want anything to do with bottles or rare brand names, ebay is now full of people trying to cash in on now rare dasani empty and full bottles as it only lasted about a month, I admit I have got bottles of unopened dasani uk water, ( I dont know if you know I didn't like it), shall I hang on to them, do you think it will age like a good wine and be worth a few dollars in the future.
Hey charlie your not the one related to the queen are you, I have looked on ebay and you are telling the truth.

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03-25-2004, 10:20 PM
Coke, and CCE, will let the matter lie for a year or so, and then relaunch a general bottled water product in the UK, probably under a different, UK only, brand name.

There is prescious little to gain from having one unified brand name worldwide in this market segment. A few tourist buys and some "leak over" advertizing on international sporting events. Heck, Nestle has 8 overlapping regional brands of water, just in the USA and Canada, none of which are distinguishable from one another.

So, Coca-Cola water in England, and probably in western Europe will be called something else and not launch to 05 or 06. NBD.

03-25-2004, 10:41 PM
Put your thinking caps on a moment, I want your opinion concerning a form of water, many of you have not heard of. Imagine a water where the water molecules have been structured and allows the water to release oxygen when you drink it. This action is dependent on the enzymes of the body. We're not talking added oxygen, but rather oxygen releasing. The potential health benefits are significant although more study is needed. Remember, we really only been told that we get oxygen through the air we breath. What about supplimental oxygen in the form of water. I'd like to see any of your input. Dasani could even be helped by this. Thanks

03-25-2004, 11:33 PM
Imagine a water where the water molecules have been structured and allows the water to release oxygen when you drink itHydrogen peroxide? (H2O2 instead of plain old H20--it's a less stable molecule so when it contacts certain enzymes, heat, etc. it breaks apart into water and oxygen gas. That's why it bubbles when you use it as a mouthwash, pour it on a cut, etc)

So far, I haven't heard of any clinical studies that show that drinking hydrogen peroxide provides any benefit. It would definitely be harmful in any large concentration.

Or was this some other substance?

03-26-2004, 07:30 PM
crikey chaps you are really too intelligent for me to join in but I once had champagne and sucked in the helium from a baloon, do you think that it will be possible to manufacture that. hic