View Full Version : Done with formulation and ready for next step to the first 10k cases

10-11-2006, 01:25 PM
After 9 months, we're now done with formulation on our new organic nutraceutical soda. We think we can get our first 10,000 cases in the warehouse by mid-January. It's our first foray into beverages, and I'd like to ask your opinions on a few issues:

1. Our formulator offers to do all the steps from here on out (copack, etc). Should we go that route, or is it better (and better savings) to act as general contractor and do each of those parts ourselves?

2. We were thinking all along of going with the 8 ounce can. But the market seems to be liking the 12 ounce slim can. Is the price difference that great? Would that be a good move?

3. Speaking of cans: because we want to develope a strong Internet base, we want to ship cases of our cans directly to consumers. This is why we always figured we would go with cans. We know our market (health-minded, Whole Foods shoppers) would prefer bottles. But they're heavier and could break in transit. Any thoughts on this? Are we best to go with cans?

4. Last: in helping us choose the can design, we're wondering if anyone has seen a kind of can "sleeve" or something, where we could easily place each of the 4 final can designs onto our final batch cans, so that our taste panel can see and decide which of the can designs looks the best. In other words: what is the process people use to choose their beverage design.

Thanks for any opinions on these. I've been a lurker on this forum for awhile, over the months as we've developed our first product. I appreciate all the knowledge given here.