View Full Version : Considering Starting A Vending Business

10-24-2006, 01:56 PM
Can anyone point me in the right direction for some basic things that I'll need to consider if I'm new to the vending business?

My idea for right now is to buy 1 Red Bull machine and put it at a certain place. I'm thinking it will be outdoors (for more visibility) but would consider indoors too. My questions are (and feel free to tell me if I'm missing anything important)...

1) Where to buy a machine? And should I buy new or used? If I buy used then will that affect maintenance?

2) What are the dangers of buying outdoor machines?

3) I was thinking of putting the machine outside of an existing business. They have no vending machines there so I feel like there's a reasonable chance they don't have a deal to be exclusive with like Pepsi or Coke. How do I approach a company about this though? I assume I have to offer them a cut of profits but how much is "standard"? And, let's say that the vending machine does well. What's to prevent that company from demanding an outrageous amount (which will essentially kick me off their property) and then they get to do this business themselves?

10-24-2006, 02:12 PM
Try the vending thread. Pay close attention to some of the threads. Many people have been ripped off by Creative Concepts by purchasing RB vending machines from them. Be very careful of the principles invloved and do your homework. Google everyone you come in contact with to insure you are not dealing with anyone that has worked with Creative Concepts.
Be very , very careful