View Full Version : Exposing beverage fraud in Ginseng.

01-29-2005, 02:53 PM
VNET beverages is testing the competition claims by employing High Performance Liquid Chromatography testing by an independent agency. Things could get interesting as this will expose some of the fraud out there. If anyone is interested I'll post the results when I get them.

From their website I got the following.


V-Net's commitment to genuine ginseng and honest marketing of this extraordinary herb is evinced by our publicized "Truth in Ginseng Challenge." Other brands tout ginseng on their labels. We are testing their claims by employing High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) on sample beverages. These tests will specify quantity, potency, species and origin of the ginseng they use, if any. We believe consumers should be alerted to brands with specious ginseng claims or little to no ginsenoside (ginseng's active ingredient).
Nowadays, store shelves are laden with drinks, such as Coca-Cola's Full Throttle(TM), PepsiCo's SoBe(TM) line, Anheuser Busch's B-E(TM) and others that denote "ginseng" on their labels.
V-Net currently markets three ginseng beverages: Ginseng Rush(TM), Ginseng Rush
XXX(TM) and Rush Herbal Cola(TM). Each 12 oz. bottle of Ginseng Rush contains 5
ml. American Ginseng extract. V-Net's extract is made by blending one full pound
of American Ginseng dry root into one gallon of a water/alcohol mixture. Ginseng
Rush XXX and Rush Herbal Cola contain 15 ml. and 3.8 ml. of this ginseng extract, respectively.
At V-Net we use pure Wisconsin-grown American ginseng (Panax quinquefolius), in advertised quantities, in our beverages.

"Hypothetically, they could take one drop of our ginseng extract and add it to a bathtub full of water. They could then take one drop from that bathtub, add it to their beverage, and write
"ginseng" on the container in bold letters. To make matters worse, they could be
using foreign-grown ginseng.

Looks like an up & coming Beverage company to keep an eye on.