View Full Version : Fridge Packs have hit Denver

Terry K
02-16-2003, 04:48 PM
Denver CCE/Rocky Mt now has Fridge packs on the streets, debuted Friday.

Appearantly, they are transitioning products to fridge pack because the shelves at various food stores I visited still had the old and the new. One Albertson's checker told me they'd *just* gotten them on Friday.

CCE appearantly has taken a different approach to getting them on the shelves here because they just put 'em out with the products they already had.

03-21-2003, 02:46 AM
I have a beef with the CCE fridge packs. I know they use MeadWestvaco as their supplier (as does Philadelphia Coke). Consolidated and Mid-Atlantic Canners both get their fridge pack boxes from Riverwood.

Well, the Riverwood packaging is a heck of a lot stronger than the MeadWestvaco packaging. I've seen quite a few MW fridge packs around here (from Philly) that fail at the perforation on the top of the box, and then the whole end comes off, and the cans spill out. Our poster who's a a CCE merchandiser from TN also complained about this.

Riverwood's packing includes a much stronger perforation, as well as a tab that you first remove to remove the opening at the end of the box. I've never personally seen a Riverwood box that failed at the perforation.

I can just imagine all the headaches this new packaging is going to cause when we get it this summer.

03-21-2003, 01:05 PM
i've noticed in general that riverwood packs seem to be stronger. when i have to cut open packs at work to repack, riverwood boxes seem to take a little more oomph with the razor blade than mead's. granted, corona's new twelvepacks are the best out there, but their boxes and sixpack holders still suck.

miller uses round twelve packs by riverwood (like most 7Up) and while they're a pain to put together, they hold better when damaged. good luck with the fridgepacks fusion. cce-michigan has yet to decide when to get them in, as we have two plants for cans in michigan.

have we found out where plant FL is yet? any hints or is there a number to call?