View Full Version : Polar Beverages & Creme Soda

David J.
11-01-2006, 07:05 PM
Anyone else a fan of their sodas? Their creme soda is to die for. I think it beats IBC and Jones. Which are both really great sodas. When I go back to work I might pick up a few 1 or 2 liters.

A&W's is pretty good, and Mug isn't too bad, but you can't get it in my area.

11-04-2006, 05:08 PM
Polar's creme is ok. I drink their birch beer and orange dry alot though. As for Mug Creme, that is in my top 10 sodas (it stinks because I only get it when i travel to Maine, where I can only find it in 20 oz.)

David J.
11-04-2006, 06:32 PM
I *wish* there was 20oz Creme Soda in my area.

The only 20oz's are just Pepsi and Coke beverages in in my area, for the most part. There's a few 20oz DPSU products, but they are either distrubited/bottled by Coke, Pepsi or Polar.

Blue Efficacy
11-05-2006, 11:47 AM
I used to be able to find Mug and Barqs cream soda for a short time several years ago. I didn't care for either, as I was an A&W cream soda junkie at the time...