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Trevor Stern
03-07-1999, 02:03 AM
Can someone please provide me with with some background on Dr. Wells. I had never heard of it until it appeared in a vending machine in Little Rock, AR. I was amazed by a product that appears to be a blatant rip-off of Dr. Pepper (label, taste and all).

03-09-1999, 01:49 AM
You would think people would get a clue about Dr Pepper. Since there are SO many copies of it why not just go for the real stuff?!?!

Anywayz about Dr Wells. They have it by me too but i really don't know any more about it then you. If you really really really as so intrested in it i sudject u either spend a million hours on the net searching for Dr Wells info or sell your soul to the devil for all the info. Either way its not worth it.

03-10-1999, 12:38 AM
Dr. Wells is what I call "the second opinion". I believe it was invented by the Grapette company in the '50's. Anyway, at least they make it in long neck glass bottles; my opinion about Dr Pepper is that if they don't have the balls to make their drink in long neck glass, they deserve to lose their business to Dr. Wells until they get a clue!!!

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

04-02-1999, 02:04 PM
well, around here Dr. Pepper and Pepsi are two different bottlers. Pepsi had always allowed Dr. Pepper to be put into it's machines and fountains until last year when they got pissed for some reason and broke the deal off so now Pepsi put Dr. Wells in all its fountains and machines, and I don't know about you, but I for one can taste a difference.

04-08-1999, 02:25 AM
Dr Wells is an imitation to Dr Pepper. Lets face it gang, a LOT of people try to imitate it and FAIL miserably. Look at Pepsi with its Dr. Slice that it tried to come out with and the consumer RAN away from it, not just walked. But Dr Wells is a Monarch Company product. They are more known for their Grapette product and Dad's Root Beer. But Dr Wells still does a lot of business for them. For them (being a small company) they need all the business they can get.
But they do have a lemonade (and I am not a lemonade fan) which is EXCELLENT. The name escapes me at the moment but I do know it can be found in Austin, Texas and it is in 20oz PET bottles and it beatst the heck out of Country Time.
Hope this tid bit of information helps.

04-17-1999, 03:41 AM
On the herbal side there's a drink from the Journey company called "Doctor Whatever". It is excellent and comes in a long neck GLASS bottle. I'd drink a Doctor Whatever over a polyethylene or aluminum Dr Pepper any day! I even prefer it to Dr. Wells.

Always remember... Don't follow the can drinkers to the chicken bone recycling bin!

05-21-1999, 09:11 PM
The lemonade you are referring to is Nesbitts
honey lemonade. This is a Monarch brand, as
well as Dr. Wells.

05-21-1999, 09:12 PM
The lemonade you are referring to is Nesbitts
honey lemonade. This is a Monarch brand, as
well as Dr. Wells.

04-16-2003, 07:42 PM
I don't like Nesbitts. There's a funny artificial thing going on there that I can't put my weird things going on finger on.

10-03-2008, 09:42 PM
I was doing some searching around recently after PBG announced they were buying Pepsi Lane, and I noticed on the Lane website that they carry Dr. Wells.

Pepsi Lane (http://www.pepsilane.com/)

Wonder if PBG will drop the brand after the buyout?

Dumas Walker
10-04-2008, 11:28 AM
Dr. Wells is not a new "knock-off," like Dr. Slice. It has been around since 1935.

Dad's Root Beer Company - Dr. Wells (http://www.dadsrootbeer.com/drwells.php)

Dr. Wells was developed in 1935 as a “pepper-style” carbonated soft drink. Dr. Wells was owned by Ludford Fruit Products of Los Angeles, California. The Monarch Company of Atlanta purchased the brand in 1987. In 2007, Dr. Wells was purchased by Hedinger Brands, LLC and licensed to The Dad’s Root Beer Company, LLC. The company headquarters is now located in Jasper, Indiana.

If it is like other brands that Monarch owned at about the same time, I would guess that it used to be more-widely distributed than it was by the time Hedinger/Dad's purchased it in 2007. I am guessing that the Dad's connection is what gets it bottled in glass bottles, as Dad's is still sold that way.

As an aside, IIRC Monarch never bottled Grapette, although they used to own the rights to the name. They instead focused their attention on their other grape soda, Nu-Grape (which, IIRC, has also since been sold).

A relative of one of the original creators tried for years to get them to sell the rights to the Grapette name so he, in turn, could again produce Grapette & bottle it for Wal-Mart. The company that bottles the store-brands for Wal-Mart did eventually get the rights to the Grapette formula and name, which is why you can find it in Wal-Mart now. IIRC, even if it wasn't called Grapette before, they were using the Grapette formula even when it was Sam's Choice Grape.