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Terry K
03-09-2003, 07:13 PM
I've think I've found the WORST bottlers in the nation...Here are my nominees:

Swire Coke of Utah. These guys taste like they cut corners. I've never had worse tasting Dr Pepper or Coke. I got a bottle of DP from them (Plant TO, Fruitland Idaho), and it tasted so nasty compared to the DP I get from Pepsi Denver it wasn't even funny!

American Bottling. They really skimp on bottling...I've gotten a lot of their product that has either been flat or just plain awfully mixed. What the heck is Jim Turner thinking? Does he actually try his own products!?

Worth noting Pepsi Bottling Group and Wis-Pak both make poor tasting product as well. The stuff I've gotten from them is just plain flat and lacking flavour.

Those are the worst bottlers I've encountered..Now for the BEST ones.

Ozarks Coke/DP, Springfield, MO. Flagship for Red Fusion, and you can tell they do NOT cut corners, all product is fresh and very tasty. I don't think I've had better DP. Sadly they don't run a can line.

Admiral-Fremont Pepsi of Worland WY: These guys get EVERYTHING they make right. I've NEVER had better Pepsi from anyone. Their Mt. Dew is on the money, dnL is very good, and they make excellent tasting product. (They rival Ozarks Coke for quality!) (Yes, they still run 7up)

Another favourite of mine is Coke Consolidated. They seem to get everything they run right. They are never off in flavour and it seems like they do a lot of quality control.

Another favourite pepsi bottler of mine is Marion (Pepsi Mid-America) in Illinois. From what I've had of their products you can really tell they put an emphasis on quality. The Red Fusion I got from them was *really* good.

Pepsi bottlers in general don't ever seem to get anything they sell right. I, for one, think Pepsi needs to send the PBG and Pepsi Americas folks to Wyoming and take notes on how to bottle product right.

Coke could learn so much from Ozarks Coke & Consolidated in terms of mixture and quality. CCE needs to sack a few of its quality control people and concentrate on consistancy.

ABC...well, Jim Turner should just hire a few Admiral and OZ people and see how its done RIGHT. It bugs me that a DPSUBG bottler can't get its own products right.

CCE is getting to a uniform taste, but still there *are* differences between plants. This can only hurt the new products like Vanilla Coke, Red Fusion and the like.

I guess that's my biggest beef with soda in general..the independent bottlers seem to do MUCH better with quality and such than PBG, CCE, or ABC do. I think a lot of it is they're still mom & pop operations who know bad product sends their customers running elsewhere.

I encourage all of you who roadtrip to other territories to get the local sodas and compare. I think you'll find major differences between bottlers. Then give Coke, Pepsi, and DPSU a call. Let *them* know who's bad and good. The bottlers supposedly do get your comments back.

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03-09-2003, 09:31 PM
Ozarks does not run a can line? The Pibb Xtra fridge pack I bought down south last fall was Ozark.

03-09-2003, 10:30 PM
i like a lot of the mom/pop tennessee and kentucky coke and pepsi bottlers. down home goodness from down home people, the american way!

plus it's dirt ****ing cheap. and they have better size and flavor selections than cce-michigan.

also, 7up detroit is the worst in terms of shipping. their product usually isn't damaged so much as just dirty and covered with pop and their shells leave little to be desired so i never put out displays of case two liters. they got new 1/2 liter shells and they are pretty badass.

everyone always asks where i can find "cotton club" or who "select beverages" is. instead of giving them the complicated and bitter answer, i say, "i don't know, but i will find out." hell, i hate talking about michigan's "mcb" or the massive brook's beverage corp getting bought out. for a while, brook's even owned the rights to a&w and squirt i believe. brook's was massive and now, it's just an american bottler in holland, michigan.

03-09-2003, 11:36 PM
The best Dr Pepper/Seven Up bottler in my opinion is West Jefferson. I live in Indiana but know places that stock it. Also, product from Temple Bottling Co, Temple, TX is outstanding. As far a Coke goes, nothing beats the Kosher products produced by the CCE NY City plants and CCE (MD) Chicago plant. Also, Coca-Cola Huntville does a quality job and has the best variety I have ever seen. All-American Bottling Company does a much better job than American Bottling. All-American Bottling actually carries the full line of RC/Big Red products. As far as Pepsi is concerned, I do not buy it anymore since A.D. Huesing closed their last glass bottling plant. Nothing tasted better than A.D. Huesing Pepsi products.

Terry K
03-10-2003, 01:01 AM
Originally posted by dr pepperman:
Ozarks does not run a can line? The Pibb Xtra fridge pack I bought down south last fall was Ozark.OZ does not run cans. Nor do they run/sell Fridge Packs. They buy product for cans from Great Plains Coke.

03-10-2003, 10:36 AM
It was Pibb Xtra, it was in a can, it was purchased in a 12 pack container in Georgia late Sept 02 and the can had the word Ozark on it.

03-10-2003, 10:39 AM
Originally posted by bigrich:
The best Dr Pepper/Seven Up bottler in my opinion is West Jefferson. When I was in Myrtle Beach several years ago I purchased some 12oz glass of West Jefferson Dr Pepper and it had a different taste from any Dr Pepper I've ever drank. I never could finish the second bottle.

03-11-2003, 06:00 PM
West Jefferson Sodas taste different everytime I buy them. The first time I had W.J. Dr. Pepper and A&W Root Beer it was horrible. This last time they were all really good, in fact, the A&W was the best I have had it. Very strange. Shawn from strangebrew commented that it could be the water they use. Very true if they use local water depending on rainfall, and a lot of other things. What do you all think?