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07-10-2003, 10:13 PM
ok hi guys im....relativly new but ive been on savesurge.org for like 3 months,
coke has pepsi beat in sales but i mean cmon look at mountain dew, i dont like it (it killed SURGE..but thats another story) it is one of the most sucsessful sodas of all time, what is its competitor? DPSU shouldnt be expected to have much as they arent up there with coke or pepsi in any area...but the try, they have dnL and squirt, althoug squirt is only used for mix drinx (just my opinion) so its mountain dew vs dnL vs????
what about coke? they had mello yello for many years but it was getting toooo far behind MD so they introduced SURGE which is great but has a small target market and is nearly gone (there is hope, read about it at www.savesurge.org (http://www.savesurge.org) and go to will surge come back to sheboygan?) now mello smello yes SMELLO eith an S is back as you all know, i mean, you arent stupid what am i talking about, karks88 told you 2 years ago ( i would imagine) now dnL is new and has had only one ad as far as i know, yet i suspect it will outsell smello in a year...remember surge's first year out sold the last 3 years of smello smile.gif coke needs to inovate, or soon pepsi will outsell coke altogether...what is coke to do, re-introduce surge? stay with smello? make a new citrus soda? i dont know but they better think fast because they are going down the hole..now MD has code red (i love it) and livewire (so-so) and mello yello has????? afterglow!!!! thatll save them!! NOT IN A MILLION YEARS! theres no way a spinoff orangy smello will compete with sick dew. people like dew and i used to, until it murdered surge red handed in the 1st degree cold blooded with no freeking motive.. watch out coke better think fast..

07-12-2003, 03:22 AM
Afterglow isn't entirely a knockoff. It's peach-tangerine flavored I've been told.

I live very close to RC Winchester territory, so there they have something interesting...Mountain Dew is theirs thanks to RC's contract predating Pepsi's buyout of MD. Pretty cool seeing Mountain Dew w/RC, Dr Pepper, and 7Up, along w/the usual brands DPSU has.

Squirt is also in Coke territories as a citrus, at least for sure in LA and Detroit, maybe some others. Sun Drop is out there too for DPSU, and in some parts Consolidated Coke. I bet no one ever knew this, but Sun Drop is produced by 1 Pepsi bottler, Pepsi Shenandoah Valley in VA, in the southern area of where DPSU controls Mountain Dew.