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07-19-2003, 12:57 PM
Well, this is my report from the cruise I just went on in Northern Europe. Soda there definately outnumbers and outtastest the sodas here. I have a few reviews, product overlooks, and oddities to share with you. I will also have photos up soon. First, here are company/country soda outlooks:

Norway: No here is some interesting Coca-Cola offerings! Urge, Sprite Blue, and Tab Xtra are all in abundance here! Wahoo!

Sweden: Eh...nothing really intersting. The usual, pretty much.

Finland: Wow...Sprite Zero, Fanta Exotic...pretty coool...

Russia: Coca-cola Vanilla...nice logo!
THey also had some pepsi thing called Pepsi X...didn't try it tho...

Estonia: The usual.

Denmark: Didn't get off the boat

England: A different Coca-cola Vanilla logo than russia and Fanta Zesty Berry and Fanta [something] lemon.

Now for individual product/logo reviews:

sprite blue: Eh...not what you'd expect...just regular sprite w/ blue food coloring

tab xtra: i dunno, a sharper diet coke is what i'd say

cocacolavanilla: Same as Vanilla coke

Fanta Zesty Berry: ugh...just ugh

Russian Cocacola Vanilla logo: Really really nice!!

fanta exotic logo: Ok...nothing special

Sprite Zero: Boring

pics coming soon!!


07-19-2003, 02:18 PM
I can't belive you didn't find anything in estonia...After all I told you about...


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07-19-2003, 05:11 PM
that was posted on 7-14...I left on 7-6, sorry... :(