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denis minning
07-29-2003, 05:25 AM
I'm setting up a beverage company in Europe, with a start in Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and England.

Our goal is to distribute our own drink, and import drinks. Our drink is a vitamindrink on fruit juice/ice tea basis, delivered from Dohler(germany), and will be contract filled in France.

I found an investor who is willing to make initial investment (production run/personnel/marketing costs/and housing).

At this time, I'm doing the final touches (design, bottle shape), and writing the businessplan. And I have a question to our more experienced people in this forum. What is the bare minimum of personnel.

I'm thinking of:
- 2 internal sales people (outbound and inbound calling)
- 1 external sale runner(visiting supermarkets, and distributors)
- 1 buyer/logistics planner
- 1 or 2 flexible personnel for warehousing

Problem: Language barrier, so for every country internal salespeople have to be duplicated.

Logistics,finance and drinks development (R&D) will be outsourced.

Is this about right?

Please compare to your own company and give feedback.

Denis Minning

Ps. Boris I found the Mezzo Mix in Germany, in 500 ml (old and new logo) and 1 liter bottle. both in PET. My computer crashed a week ago, so my camera does not work anymore (or in conjunction with this old garbage computer anyway). So you have to wait a little time for the pictures.