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07-29-2003, 08:37 AM
Took my summer vacation to the Carribean isle of St. Maarten. The smallest land mass in the world with a border.

Half of the island is Dutch and half is French. And the whole place is a "free port" meaning it has no customs rules and they can import from anywhere, unlike most of those places which are tied at the hip to the mother country.

Not much in the way of bevs to report.

On the Dutch side, Coke seemed to have 97% of the market. I only saw Pepsi at a fountain at KFC. Standard US Coke product mix. Canned (cans only, AFAICS) in Puerto Rico and labeled in that island's unique way (legal stuff in English, ad copy in Spanish) . Also a line of fizzy tropical fruit flavored drinks called "Colony Club" which are labeled at being a product of DPSU, and also canned by Coke-PR. Cans were 333ml, which is slightly less than 12 oz. Canada Dry products, also Coke-PR. Vending machines were old ones, and labeled in Spanish.

Very little else available.

On the French side, again Coke is #1. Didn't see any Pepsi at all (no fast food on the French side). Sugared product was canned (oddly enough) by what my amateur translation works out to "AV Contract Canners, Amsterdam" but labeled in French, with customer service numbers for the other 2 French islands in the area, and for French Guiana (which is where Devil's Island is) (CCE is the Coke bottler in France). Diet product was from Canada.

Orangina was available. No other products of any note.