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Mr Zabe
06-28-2005, 10:48 AM
It's been 3 or 4 weeks since Coke Zero has been launched. I'm now past the honeymoon. I drink at lest 2 cans a day.

As per previous posts,I only drink Coke Zero on the rocks. I have fallen deeper and deeper in soda pop love/lust. This morning I was having a hard time getting my day started. I poured a glass of Coke Zero on the rocks, I was half awake.
I swear for a good may seconds I thought I was drinking Classic coke.

What I'm saying is Coke Zero is still awesome and still on my A list of soda pops.

How about you guys any post honeymoon Coke Zero updates?

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DJ HawaiianShirt
06-28-2005, 11:10 AM
Advertising for Coke Zero is simply insane.

My local supermarket is selling it with paper signs on it that look to be recommendations by the staff with simple descriptions of what it is.

I also see large signs that are attached to the lamp poles in the parking lot of said supermarket.

People on this board an others tend to complain that we talk about Coke Zero too much. Well, Coke Zero so far merits all the discussion we've had on it. It's that good. Any nay-sayers who haven't had it need to try it and whoever is tired of Coke Zero posts need only to ignore this one and start your own thread about something else.

Mr Zabe
06-28-2005, 11:41 AM
You are so right about Coke Zero's media campaign and in store POP (point of purchase) sale materials. Anyone know why?????

06-28-2005, 11:44 PM
I dunno if you guys live in sodaland or what, but other than a couple banners, Coke Zero doesn't have much fanfare.

Hell, most people think Coke just renamed Diet Coke.

I think Coca-Cola may have confused the average consumer here.

06-29-2005, 12:22 AM
If they just renamed Diet Coke, then why would Diet Coke still be on the shelf?

The confusion I am seeing is that people think it is sweetened with Splenda. Once I explain that it is the regular Classic formula sweetened with aspartame, they begin to understand.

It's more a soda for people who used to be Classic drinkers, but switched due to changes in diet, or health issues. Loyal Diet Coke drinkers, for the most part, aren't going to like it.

Diet Coke w/ Splenda is more targeted towards Diet Pepsi drinkers -- Diet Pepsi is sweeter than Diet Coke, and Diet w/ Splenda is sweeter than Diet Coke as well.

Mr Zabe
06-29-2005, 12:33 AM
And to finish your point.

At the store level,Coca Cola has done a rather poor job educating it's loyal "uneducated" consumer base. A strong media plan would educate the consumers so the that they would walk into the store all ready to try Coke Zero and have an idea of why Coke Zero is so unique.

Relying on poor signs and random questions answered by store clerks just seems a poor way to launch a new product.

DJ HawaiianShirt
06-29-2005, 09:25 AM
SuperAmmo, your comments have proven that Coke's marketing of Zero varies from region to region.

Zero is being pushed at a feverish pitch here. I see Coke Zero vending machines(which only vend Zero), I see signs in supermarket parking lots EVERYWHERE now. I see huge pyramids of Coke Zero in marts and markets. I see coolers completely full of Zero in cafes.

I guess Coke is experimenting their crazy advertising in select areas to see if it's effective at all.

itS JUSt SOdA dUdE
06-29-2005, 02:17 PM
it's definitely better than both versions of diet coke. when it's cold, it tastes pretty close to regular cola, especially once your taste buds get used to it.

as far as marketing, i haven't seen any commercials OR banners. two weeks ago (in nyc) it was in coolers in the 20 oz size. last week it appeared in 1.5 liters. and this week i've seen it in 6-pak cans for the first time.

the drugstore i've been buying it at has a small display called "the light side," and has 1.5 liter bottles of diet coke, caffeine free diet coke, diet coke w/ splenda, and coke zero. zero was on the third tier though. also, since all the bottles are the same color, it's a little confusing. meaning, if i hadn't been looking for coke zero, i probably wouldn't have noticed it.

on the regular soda shelf, zero was on the top shelf, and bottles were missing (meaning somebody's buying it besides me).

also, last thursday, i bought 2 of the last 3 20 oz bottles in the cooler. and when i came back a few hours later, the last one was gone.

they're not yet stocking it as much as diet coke or diet coke w/ splenda, but that may change.

otherwise, i'm not sure how it's selling.

oh, one other thing. i bought two 1.5 liter bottles today (since they're the same price as 20 oz bottles), and the clerk asked, "does that taste like the other one?" and the lady who was in line ahead me, stopped, and looked to see what we were talking about. i just said, "i think it tastes better." i didn't explain beyond that.

also, i think coke has done a poor job of explaining what coke zero is. but i'm starting to wonder if it isn't intentional. by releasing diet coke w/ splenda so close to zero, people are naturally going to think that zero has splenda, and may try it by mistake. (not good if you're allergic to splenda though).

06-29-2005, 04:47 PM
I still love it. And I'm seeing a decent amount of promotion and sizes available, but not anything mind-blowing.

06-30-2005, 02:43 AM
My local gas station has a pad of coupons stuck to the front of the cooler's glass door for a free 20 oz. bottle of Coke Zero with any gas purchase (8 gallons or more). That's how I first tried CZ and I now buy my gas there everytime so that I can get the free CZ. I love the flavor!

itS JUSt SOdA dUdE
06-30-2005, 08:23 AM
i guess it's too early for any sales figures, eh?

07-05-2005, 07:41 AM
i keep hearing the same basic things.

1--it tastes like "regular coke."
2--all these new drinks are "confusing"
3--"is that the one with splenda?"

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07-05-2005, 09:41 AM
Sales figures too soon to gauge... still "filling the pipeline"

Hatfield Tumpkins
07-05-2005, 11:12 AM
What is my interest in drinkin' this here soda?


07-05-2005, 05:14 PM
Originally posted by Hatfield Tumpkins:
What is my interest in drinkin' this here soda?

Zero. well... it tastes better.

plus, it will make you younger, hipper, and better looking. LOL ;)

DJ HawaiianShirt
07-06-2005, 09:16 AM
Not to spread one statement into another topic, but...

Riot, please don't become the poster-boy for CCE's advertisements.

Even said jokingly, Coke's Zero premise sounds really stupid.


07-06-2005, 10:38 AM
omg. i was joking!

tough crowd. ;)

DJ HawaiianShirt
07-07-2005, 03:02 PM
Check this article about Coke Zero/diet soda:

It doesn't say much that is new to us, but it does provide official statements about Coke Zero's marketing toward young people:

"We made a point of not calling it diet," said Scott Williamson, a Coca-Cola spo.kesman. "There are a group of folks out there, primarily young adults, who for a lot of reasons, some taste, some brand personality, won't drink diet sodas. They may not like them because of the taste or stigma attached to the word 'diet.'"

I admire Coke for going after a specific demographic segment, but often I think that marketers think that this group(of which I'm a part) is made up of mindless consumers who can be reeled in by a lame "Chilltop" commercial.

If anyone here is familiar with the auto industry, it's much like what Toyota did by creating the sub-brand Scion. They made some wacky looking cars, put young people(what they called "Gen-Y") in the commercials, and hoped that they would "take the bait" like some wild animal to be trapped. Scion cars are doing well now(I personally like them), but I'm pretty sure that it's because everyone is buying them, not just young people.

Mr Zabe
07-07-2005, 04:26 PM
Very interesting article. It makes you wonder if the add agency running the Coke Zero campaign is dumber than a fox or just playing fox with the demographics.

07-07-2005, 04:38 PM
if zero succeeds, it will be because it tastes better.

i keep seeing more and more of it at the store, and people seem to be buying it. smile.gif

07-07-2005, 05:52 PM
"Cyclamates were banned by the Food and Drug Administration for a short time beginning in 1970 because of concerns that they caused cancer. Soda makers turned to saccharin, which consumers complained had left even a more bitter aftertaste. Attempts to mix it with sugar didn't satisfy customer complaints. Saccharin was banned, from 1977 to 1991, because of claims that it was carcinogenic."

I wonder where they get their info from. Cyclamates were banned in 1970, but not for a "short time" they're still banned today. Saccharin was never banned in the US. Congress passed a moratorium in 1977 preventing the ban, the moratorium was extended seven times until in 1991 the FDA withdrew the proposed ban.

But anyway...

07-07-2005, 10:09 PM
Assuming this is not an AP story, the Baltimore Sun is not known for ever checking its facts...

DJ HawaiianShirt
07-07-2005, 10:47 PM
Yeah, I definitely grew skeptical of some of their facts as I read on.

But it was the quotes that I was more interested in.

07-08-2005, 04:11 AM
so... about coke zero... smile.gif

07-21-2005, 09:12 PM
Tried it. It had ZERO TASTE.

That's better than Coke with Splenda which is BAD taste.

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07-21-2005, 10:26 PM
I like it and i dont like diet drinks, it taste almost exactally like regular. It is one of my regular drinks now. smile.gif

Energy G
07-25-2005, 07:35 PM
This may very well be the drink that pulls me to the "diet side" with its taste... It really does taste remarkably similar to regular Coke.

Mello Yello Luver
07-25-2005, 11:25 PM
Coke is promoting it well here in PA.

07-26-2005, 12:17 AM
I found them on e-bay
http://www.brouhahacd.com/ebay/PLG-74.jpg http://members.sparedollar.com/nascaronmain/MVC-908S.JPG

07-26-2005, 12:21 AM
Looks appetizing! Isn't it?
I can't wait to try it!, but I have to...

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07-26-2005, 02:37 AM
I think Coke Zero tastes nasty when poured into a glass. Too much aspratame flavor. Otherwise it tastes pretty good. Better than most aspratame pops. Also it doesn't taste nearly as good out of a 2-liter. I prefer Coke w/Splenda in 2-liters.

Also on a note. Never mix Coke Zero with Coke w/ Splenda. Nasty.