View Full Version : Some More Interesting Notes

08-24-2003, 06:49 PM
Found Pibb Xtra at Super Wal-Mart in Lancaster, 2 old 12 packs and 2 Fridge Packs.

Saw my first Cool Pack ever in Somerset, PA of Canada Dry. Interesting gray "bucket" on these packs, and the Seagram's that was here w/CD before is gone, so I figure DPSU threatened to take away CD rights there.

Saw new Pepsi offerings in 24 oz. in Pepsi Twist and Diet Pepsi Twist, and 12 packs of Diet Code Red.

Saw Coke 6 packs for the first time in years, seeing Coke, Diet, CF Diet, Sprite, and Nestea Cool in these. Also saw the same in 24 packs as well, which have vanished in my part of the country as well. These were suitcases, if we ever see any which is rare, we have cubes.

Walked in the Hagerstown Wal-Mart and saw tons of interesting stuff w/DP. Usually this product comes from Davis, the DP from RC Winchester, but that was definitely not the case this night. Nothing in any cooler was from Davis, and some of the 7Up, and all of the Sunkist was from Winchester. The rest of the 7Up, and Hawaiian Punch, along with dnL and Cherry 7Up was from Canada Dry Potomac. Deja Blue was from Independent Beverage Company in Charlotte, NC. I also found in the same cooler Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper from PepsiAmericas, and the Red Fusion was from American Bottling. Pretty confusing, maybe some shaking up of third-tier bottling around there. No A&W, Squirt or Canada Dry available there either, they always have been before.