View Full Version : Muscle Milk

07-07-2005, 08:41 PM
Since I already talked about the Protein Water I thought I might as well continue in my "health drink" binge.

This is different from Protein Water in the sense that although it's also loaded with protein, it's more of a meal replacement than anything else (it's 350 calories, so it darn well better be a meal replacement). The product is loaded with vitamins is designed to mirror human milk and it's anabolic growth effect, but of course it doesn't taste like human milk!

I have only tried the chocolate flavor and now I'm dying to try the others (Banana Cream, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate Mint, among others). The stuff tastes just as good, if not better than a chocolate milkshake, and it fills you up like one too. I haven't taken it for an extended period of time so I can't tell you if you get major results like they claim, but at least taste-wise, Muscle Milk is a winner. If you're ever close to a GNC or Vitamin Shoppe, don't hesitate to make a stop for this drink. It's too costly to drink everyday, but when you want something delicious AND good for you, you can't go wrong with this drink.