View Full Version : Long Island info needed. HELP

06-14-2006, 09:07 AM
Okay guys, this is the deal. I bought a restaurant with my wife and want a coke soda gun system......... As anticipated the @!%$!@#@%(#!)%#! #$@# s at coke just don't return my phone calls. Apparentlyit's more profitable ot have a coke machine at the local hardware store, than it is at my restaurant....... ANYWAY.. Here's the deal. I have a Non wunderbar gun now, need to have it cleaned, serviced, and the full line of coke syrups installed... WHO DOES THIS?????????? I can't find anyone online, in the yellow pages, etc. HELP! Someone out there must know who can clean out the system, and sell me syrup! Please reply to the post, and/or me personally at bikeguy11968 AT yahoo.com