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03-23-2003, 07:39 PM
I've been making a 'party drink' -non alcoholic carbonated soda - for the last 20 years. I usually create a concentrate and then mix my 'fomula' with a commercially available bottled carbonated water. I use a bunch of natural everyday ingredients, but I've always made it ala 'a pinch of this, a dab of that.' I can't seem to standardize my own recipe because when I do, it begins to feel less like a recipe and more like chemistry. And yet, intuitively I am always able to make it exactly the same every time I make it.

I figure a lot of amateur beverage makers share my dilemma:

1) How do I 'reverse engineer' my own formula?

2) How do I turn a home recipe into a product?

3) If I hire someone else to make my beverage, how do I protect them from stealing my brilliant formula? smile.gif

4) What is the smallest quantity I can get of canned or bottled product?

5) Do venture capitalists exist in the beverage industry the way they do in the tech industry?

6) If I want to begin selling my beverage, where might I begin? Some health food stores in the area have expressed interest if I can supply a canned or bottled product - which has instigated this research.

7) Do I have to get some kind of insurance to protect myself from litigious consumers?

8) When purchasing ingredients/flavors/extracts from a supplier does one attach a NDA to every purchase or vendor?

More questions to follow...

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