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12-19-2005, 12:04 PM
What's it like working as a scientist/tester at a soda company? I want to work for Pepsi or coca cola. I love soda so much (im only 17 though). my teacher was a scientist there and he had to 'de carbonize' it by swishing it around, it was really cool

What other jobs are there? What is the pay?

Has anyone here worked at a pepsi or soda company?

12-19-2005, 12:37 PM
SodaAddict, I think the number of questions you've been asking are a bit high and the method (rapid fire) makes them difficult to answer, but I'd also be interested in what people know about working in the beverage industry and materials that could provide more detailed information.

12-19-2005, 02:27 PM
I'd have to agree with you sodablog. SodaAddicts questions remind me of the kid in Home Alone. The one where the neighbour goes up to the airport bus driver and fires off "Do you know the McAllisters are going to Paris? Do you know if it's cold there? Do these vans get good mileage?"

12-19-2005, 03:03 PM
I've worked for a soda company before. At first it was really kind of cool, but after a while it gets to be the same old job. I have been involved in the development stages and it is very tiring and stressful. Flavoring is one of the hardest things to get right. You can go into a lab that have 40 sample cups lined up on the table. At this point you realize you are in trouble. By the time you get to # 16 you have already forgot about what #3 or #9 tasted like and you still have 23 to go.
Then after you get the taste right you have to get the acidity right, the carbonation, etc. Usually after you have done that you have to re-work the flavoring. It's a tough job.

12-19-2005, 03:40 PM
Sorry abuot all the qustions, ive always asked too many.

12-19-2005, 03:43 PM
If we never asked questions how would we learn. What good are boards like this one if there were no questions.

12-19-2005, 05:12 PM
SodaAddict you should look into a part time job as a merchandiser - good discounts on soda and you can really get a good work out doing it