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07-06-2004, 05:55 AM
FYI I dislike both C2 and Pepsi Edge

Orange Crush Light with 1/3 less calories and sugar is awesome. The sweetness is more of a "crispness" without a cloying taste.

I think that I have Danny to thank for making the product available at Beverages and More in SoCal.

What other Crush flavor are available in glass bottles? I only know of Orange, Strawberry, and Grape (and now Orange Crush Light).


07-24-2004, 10:50 PM
You're welcome, Chefdavis! Always glad to lend a hand... enjoy!

08-05-2004, 06:55 AM
Only 1/3rd less? Seems hardly worth it. I like Pepsi Edge personally. What do you mean by cloying?

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