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07-07-2004, 02:50 PM
OK, since people aren't tripping over each other to reply to my last survey on the Free for All (hey, that phrase works wonders for Halo on the Xbox) page, I'll try it here:

I'm sending out another survey of everyone's favorites of what's the best IMHO in each major flavor. Of course, I'll start with mine:

Favorite Cola: Whooppee, RC

Favorite Lemon-Lime: Whooppee

Favorite Orange: Boylan's, Fanta Dutch recipe

Favorite Cherry: Gray's Black Cherry

Favorite Grape: pass

Favorite Strawberry: Monterey, Gray's, Fanta

Favorite Pineapple: Fanta

Favorite Cream Soda: Virgil's, Sprecher, Frostie

Favorite Root Beer: Capt'n Eli, Sparky's, Frostop, Boylan's

Favorite Cherry Cola: Pass (NY Seltzer is gone now)

Favorite Ginger Ale: Vernor's

Favorite Orange Cream: Stewart's

Favorite Citrus: Whooppee Citrus Smash

Favorite (mixed) Fruit: pass

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07-08-2004, 12:52 AM
Unfortunately I only drink diet sodas these days, but i used to drink tons of regular.. so i have played my favorite regular and then my favorite current/diet soda to the right of the comma.

Favorite Cola: Coca Cola, Pepsi One

Favorite Lemon-Lime: Sierra Mist, Diet Sierra Mist

Favorite Orange: Any, Any

Favorite Cherry: NONE

Favorite Grape: NONE

Favorite Strawberry: NONE

Favorite Pineapple: NONE

Favorite Cream Soda: Swiss Creme, Diet Swiss Creme

Favorite Root Beer: A&W or Goose Island, Diet A&W

Favorite Cherry Cola: Wild cherry Pepsi, diet wild cherry pepsi

Favorite Ginger Ale: Canada Dry, Diet Canada Dry

Favorite Orange Cream: Diet Stewarts

Favorite Citrus: Mt Dew, Diet Mt Dew (I love DNL though, if they made a diet I'd buy it all the time!)

Favorite (mixed) Fruit: DNL? Code Red? i dunno.

07-08-2004, 07:51 AM
Here we go:
Favorite Cola: Mexican Coke, Double Cola

Favorite Lemon-Lime: Mexican Sprite, Big Bens Lemon Bubbles= Catawissa bottling.

Favorite Orange: FANTA from Mehico

Favorite Cherry: None

Favorite Lime Soda: Cool Lime= Catawissa Bottling.

Favorite Grape: NEHI

Favorite Strawberry: None

Favorite Pineapple: Desnoes and Geddes from Jamaica

Favorite Cream: Sprecher

Favorite Root Beer: BullDog, Sprecher, A&W from tap.

Favorite Cherry Cola: None, maybe Coke

Favorite Ginger Ale: Vernor's

Favorite Orange Cream: Fanta Orange Cream

Favorite Citrus: None really

Favorite (mixed) Fruit: None

There you have it..... my opinion.

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07-08-2004, 11:16 PM
Favorite Cola: RC Cola

Favorite Lemon-Lime: It's all the same to me, one company's is the same as any other

Favorite Orange: pass

Favorite Cherry: Boylan's Black Cherry

Favorite Grape: pass

Favorite Strawberry: pass

Favorite Pineapple: Sunkist Pineapple

Favorite Cream Soda: Tommyknocker's Almond Cream Soda, Shasta

Favorite Root Beer: Virgil's, Abita

Favorite Cherry Cola: Cherry RC

Favorite Ginger Ale: pass

Favorite Orange Cream: Briar's Orange Cream

Favorite Citrus: Ski

Favorite (mixed) Fruit: Cherry Ski, Cherry Lemon SunDrop, Cactus Cooler, Fanta Apple

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07-09-2004, 04:10 PM
I'll do the regular/diet thing in few categories, too.

Favorite Cola: Coke/Pepsi Edge or Pepsi One

Favorite Lemon-Lime: Mountain Dew/Diet MD

Favorite Orange: Fanta O

Favorite Cherry: pass

Favorite Grape: Minute Maid

Favorite Strawberry: pass

Favorite Pineapple: pass

Favorite Cream Soda: local company... forget the name...

Favorite Root Beer: A&W

Favorite Cherry Cola: Cherry Coke

Favorite Ginger Ale: Canada Dry

Favorite Orange Cream: none

Favorite Citrus: None

Favorite (mixed): Code Red/Live Wire

07-11-2004, 12:18 PM
Cola: Coca-Cola
L-L: Sprite
Orange: do not like orange
Cherry: Stewart's Black Cherry
Grape: Grapette (Wal Mart)
Strawberry: Fanta
Pineapple: Fanta
Cream Soda: do not like cream soda
Root Beer: Stewart's, IBC
Cherry Cola: Coca-Cola Cherry
Ginger Ale: Schweppe's, Canada Dry
Orange Creme: see orange above
Citrus: All Mountain Dew and imitators are horrid drinks
Mixed Fruit: no clue, never seen such a product

Didn't ask, but:

"Dr" drink: Dr Pepper, if not bottled by a Pepsi bottler, otherwise Mr Pibb

07-14-2004, 11:57 PM
ok, here's mine for soft drinks...
COLA Pepsi
CHERRY still have a soft spot for Brazillian
Cherry Mistic
PINEAPPLE tie Fanta and Pineapple Passion Mistic
CREAM SODA Big Red (hate cream soda, tried BR,
loved it, THEN found out it was a cream soda)
ROOT BEER Barq's (wish it was in this area)
CHERRY COLA Wild Cherry Pepsi
ORANGE CREAM never saw one around here
CITRUS have to go for Gatorade
MIXED Bahama Blueberry Mistic

I know this was intended for sodas, but I like ALL kinds of non-alcoholic drinks...it all blends together with me.

07-15-2004, 12:04 AM
Favorite Cola: Pepsi

Favorite Lemon-Lime: 7 Up

Favorite Orange: European Fanta

Favorite Cherry: Diet Rite Black Cherry

Favorite Grape: pass

Favorite Strawberry: Fanta (by default)

Favorite Pineapple: pass

Favorite Cream Soda: pass

Favorite Root Beer: Stewart's

Favorite Cherry Cola: Cherry Coke

Favorite Ginger Ale: Seagram's

Favorite Orange Cream: Stewart's

Favorite Citrus: Mountain Dew

Favorite (mixed) Fruit: Code Red (does that count?)