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03-31-2005, 10:30 AM
I found that two mexican products from Pepsi: Mirinda (orange flavor soda) and Manzanita Sol (apple flavor soda)will be on sale in places where theres a great concentration of hispanic consumers in the U.S.

This is like when Coca-Cola relaunched Fanta in 2001 as a result of the sales of this product in Latin America. Pepsi wants to do the same.

For more information go to: http://www.argusleader.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050328/BUSINESS/503280302/1003/BUSINESS)


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03-31-2005, 12:41 PM
yep, I've already seen these for sale in Denver.


04-03-2005, 01:39 PM
Mirinda's been around here for almost a year it seems. Hasn't really taken off at all. The Pink Grapefruit is pretty good, though.

04-05-2005, 12:38 AM
Miranda has been here in Phoenix for YEARS

04-05-2005, 01:59 AM
I've tried them both in mexican village in detroit. The apple soda is unique. I enjoyed it.

04-06-2005, 12:24 AM
Actually the mexican apple soft drink I had was called "Sidral Mundet Apple Soft Drink 10.5 oz. " and it was awesome.

Make sure you buy the "SOFT DRINK" and not the "apple soda". I think they are two seperate and different products. They're probably both good anyways.

I beleive there is a similar beverage called jurritos or jarritos, but "Sidral Mundet Apple SOFT DRINK" in the 10.5 oz. size is excellent! It taste like sweet carbonated apple juice with sugar.

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