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05-05-2003, 12:43 PM
Just returned from DK and tried several new beverages. Had a drink called Fanta Shokata that was interesting. It is a mix of some berry/flower and lemon. It smelled like grapefruit but tasted nothing like gf. (there was also a redish Fanta product that I did not try and do not remember the name) It was in plastic bottles and used sugar. I give it 3.5 of 5 stars. They also had Sprite that was colored green (which I saw) and blue (which I did not see)that are "limited" editions, they taste the same as regular Sprite just with coloring. Of course I tried the new Cocio products and flavors, which were all very good.

In Germany they had Coke in half litre glass bottles.

05-05-2003, 03:22 PM
Cocio lives! And here we thought we would never here from you again! I wonder what the deal is with that multi colored Sprite?

05-06-2003, 09:33 AM
Yeah, Cocio lives. Great chocolate milks don't just disappear...they just have to wait and wait for decent distribution!

But, I am truly touched that someone actually missed Cocio on the BevBoard ;)