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05-18-2003, 12:54 AM
Both these areas were former Herbco territory and have now become CCE. Here's some notes on availability you might find interesting.

Sunkist left immediately, and was replaced by Fanta. But now Fanta is nowhere to be found, and Minute Maid Valencia Orange has appeared, and has become the orange of choice, available in all sizes.

Squirt was the citrus, although Mello Yello was available. Now, very little citrus is available it seems, but Fresca and Mello Yello are now the two main options there.

Welch's was the grape, and not always, do they have a grape soda in Coke's lineup in this region, in Central territory we don't have it, but apparently Coke can't make up their mind, as in Somerset, PA i found Fanta Grape, but in Altoona, I found Minute Maid Grape Medley. I didn't find any Grape sodas in Johnstown.

Canada Dry was the ginger ale, and it appears it still is as they had it everywhere but in the Altoona Sam's where they had Seagram's, which makes me wonder if a change is coming very soon.

Other notes are for the first time ever I saw Fanta and Vanilla Coke in fountain at Sam's. Minute Maid always is for orange everyone else. Tropical Sprite Remix is available in 20 oz, 12 pack, 2 liter now in this region, and the 12 packs are a very cool silver color. Packaging is old style 12 packs from Twinsburg, least everything I saw was. It appears Fanta is disappearing in favor of Minute Maid. No sign of Pibb being expanded here. Also noted Central has given up on Diet Coke with Lemon, but it is still around in this territory.

For Pepsi, note that LiveWire is in 20 oz. and 2 liter that I saw. In the Altoona area, 7-Up was dropped for Sierra Mist, as I figured it was.

The big gainer from all this was RC in Altoona. RC, before having rights to Vernors, Crush, Hires, Cotton Club, Cherikee Red, and other obscure stuff, picked up Squirt, Sunkist, Welch's, to go along w/A&W. The only RC machines I ever saw before in Altoona was 1 at Kmart, now they are pretty much everywhere w/7-Up signage. Crush and Hires are still in the area, and are being sold separately down the aisles in grocers from the 7-Up products. Vernors had more of a presence before than now, I didn't see it all day, which tells me Canada Dry may be coming on board. dnL was also plentiful.

The Cotton Club stuff was being sold in 6 packs at the Altoona Kmart for .99. Saw Root Beer, 50/50, Orange, Grape, and some other flavors, there was a great variety. You don't see this stuff around everyday, I should have brought some home.

Anyway, sorry for the long read, thought this information might interest some.

05-19-2003, 12:21 AM
it did. you're very thorough. thanks.