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09-19-2003, 08:28 PM
OK, while I was in Salt Lake CIty a few weeks ago for a Petula Clark Concert I saw Wild Stallion energy drink on tap in a convenience staore. It boasted Guarana & Taurine. I was having enough trouble with insomnia from the trip, so I didn't try it.

I did try Barq's Red Cream Soda. It was pretty good, with a slight fruity-strawberry flavor like Faygo Red. But nothing to make me want to ship a case home. The rest of the soda brand & type availability was a lot like the San Jose area in the major stores, even though Utah is covered by different bottlers.

I wasn't able to contact Howie's, the maker of Ironport. I don't know there status, and didn't see anything from them around there.

Frostie also now has a Pink Lemonade here in San Jose. My wife liked it. Sparky's Root Beer is also now at Beverages & More, but it's expensive: $3.29 for 22oz. It is good, with a slight spicey kick. Boylan's Cane Cola is also now here.

And dnL, 7up's answer to Sprite remix, is in good supply now. Yet to try this, either.

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