View Full Version : Fun Runners and Grabables

No Soda
09-27-2003, 04:20 PM
Our local Wal-Mart was selling Pepsi Fun Runners (500ml bottles) in 12 packs early this summer. It seemed that these would be available at other stores in the area (New Haven County, CT) as the reverse vending machines in other stores that didn't carry them (Shop Rite and Shaws, etc) were programmed to accept them. While they weren't as nice as the 500ml refillables available 20 years ago, they were handy and priced right. They were from CPF, Ayer, MA. I hope they'll be back...I don't think Coke's 13.2 oz bottles are going over so well, as they are priced higher than a standard 12-pack of cans. Indeed, I found several packs of Diet and Classic at an A&P in Middletown, CT that were near or over their expiration date. I think they would do better with more competitive pricing.