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10-20-2003, 04:53 PM

'Snapple Pie' hits store shelves

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Beverage maker Snapple said Monday it is releasing a limited-edition drink called "Snapple Pie," which encompasses the tastes associated with apple pie.

The launch of the drink, which will be available from October through December 2003, was set to coincide with the apple-picking and holiday seasons.

"We made sure our version is the juiciest of all, with all-natural flavorings to simulate the whole pie, from the fresh-picked apples to the handmade crust," said Smita Patel, vice president of Snapple Research and Development.

The new flavor can be heated up in the same vein as apple cider, according to the company.

Analysts said limited-time, seasonal products are a new idea that could possibly turn into a trend. This past summer Pepsi (PEP: up $0.06 to $47.94, Research, Estimates) launched Mountain Dew LiveWire, a seasonal, summer, orange-flavored drink as an extension of its Mountain Dew, Diet Mountain Dew and Mountain Dew Code Red drinks.

10-20-2003, 05:04 PM
I have GOT to have it!

10-21-2003, 04:21 PM
Yes, I heard the announcement for this yesterday on the radio. In fact the discussion came up that Snapple suggests that you try heating it up, & then add a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream!

Can't I just add a shot of Frostie Blue Cream instead?? ;)