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11-27-2003, 02:30 PM
Went through north-eastern Tennessee (Johnson City area) and Harlan Co., KY just before Thanksgiving. Although I doubt many of you pass this way, for reference here's what I found.

Harlan, KY.:
- Ale-8-One in 12pk cans and 6pk glass at Don’s Super Saver (Galaxy) and Mack’s; 20oz plastic and 12oz singles at the Texaco.
- Red Fusion was in the bargain “pit” at Don’s, 12pk for $2.97.
- Upper 10 (1 can in the entire store…) at the Texaco, produced by All-American – since they have a plant in Louisville I assume it came from there. Texaco also had 2 different Wild Cherry Pepsi 12oz., both from Pepsi Norton and both with the same “drink by” date of 10/27/03.
- Southern Swirl “sparkling berry berry” 12oz glass, from White Rock, also at the Texaco
- Faygo blueberry 16oz glass at the Big Lots
- Barq’s 8oz longnecks in 6pks at Mack’s. Can someone help me figure out where this was produced. The neck of the bottle has "APR2604MROGC1" printed on it, the cap only says "bottled by a member of the CCE bottling group..."

Around Pennington Gap, VA
- Sioux City various flavors, 12oz glass in c-stores
- Pepsi Blue in 20oz plastic, 1 row in a Pepsi fridge display at an Amoco station. Produced by Carolina Canners, Cheraw SC. The only Pepsi Blue I saw during the entire trip. The same Amoco carried Sunkist grape which is not common for this area.
- Cool Mountain 12oz longnecks in several flavors at c-stores
- Carver’s ginger ale 12oz glass at the Addco c-store in Weber City. I was surprised to find this so far from Montross VA where it's produced.
- Le Bleu Cola 12oz can at the Exxon station US 58/421 intersection. This was an odd find, LeBleu is a bottled water company near my hometown (Winston-Salem, NC) that has apparently started making a cola.

Johnson City, TN
- Dr. Enuf (Tri-City Beverages) is produced here and it is everywhere - billboards, vending, etc. I stopped at their factory, I’ll put the details on a separate topic later.
- Some of the BP stations are carrying Coke’s Swerve (I think I saw a separate topic on this somewhere in the General Discussion.) At the BP on S. Roan they were also carrying 12oz longnecks (with the white plastic twist-cap, from All-American) of Big Red, A&W, Sunkist orange, 7up and RC Cola.
- Charlie O’s (another Tri-City product) was hard to find, I only saw it in Dr. Enuf vending machines. Tri-City has introduced another line of flavored sodas called TC’s (peach, grape, strawberry, grape) in 10oz deli bottles that seems to be getting the marketing push, it’s in supermarkets and c-stores.
- Gordon’s (yet another Tri-City brand) also tough to find but available in some mom & pop stores.
- The Save-A-Lot had Code Red, Live Wire and Pepsi Vanilla in the bargain pit, $1 for a 6pk of 12oz cans.
- Sunkist grape and Welch’s grape are carried in some vending machines and 6/12pks at White’s supermarkets. Unusual in this area for C-S to have two grapes in the same place.


Other misc. stuff …

Some supermarket chains in this area and the private label/store brands that they carry:
Food Country USA – Lotsa’
Food City – Food Club, ValuTime
Ingles – Laura Lynn
White’s Fresh Foods – BestYet, Lotsa’
Save-a-Lot – their usual line with the various horrible names (Dr. Pop, Mountain Holler, Bubba Cola, etc.)
Winn-Dixie – Chek

Most of these are available in vending machines near the store entrance also. White’s and Ingles have the best soda selection.

Found the bottle of Blenheim in Damascus, VA, didn’t expect that one either. 8oz. cans of MD, DP, Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mello Yello, Coke, diet Pepsi were fairly common in supermarkets.

Coke: Fresca, Barq’s, Remix, Pibb Xtra, Fanta, MY Cherry, other core Coke products. Pepsi: also had their basic brands, including Twist, One, Slice orange, MD Code Red, Mug, etc. Frostie cherry, root beer, cream, peach in supermarkets and grape in c-stores. Also 2L Frostie in Ingles supermarkets. Double Cola/Ski are not distributed in this area although the company is in Chattanooga.

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11-27-2003, 06:36 PM
As for the 8oz Barq's, MR is Marietta, Georgia. They produce most of the longnecks for the South and Mid-Atlantic, along with 10oz glass. The other east coast glass line is NH, which is Needham Heights, Mass.

I can't stand Southern Swirl Berry. I bought a 4pk last year, and ended up dumping 3 of them out.

Where did you find that 8oz DP?

I've seen Carolina Canners products around as well. They produce a lot of the 12oz 16.9 "fun runner" packs.

That Charlie O's bottle looks just like a Gordon's bottle, same cap color and all.

The Ale-8-1 you mentioned was distributed by Jackson Wholesale. Was it produced by Ale-8-1 corporate (code WK)? All the CCE Ale-8-1 I saw during my road trip this summer (I drove down 75 from Ohio, with stops along the way, including Corbin KY) was produced in Indy (code HO), even the glass longnecks.

11-27-2003, 09:46 PM
fusion thanks for that tip on the bottle origin.
I haven't tried the southern swirl yet but let's say I have some suspicions, when I see a company from brooklyn make a product with a name like that.
I got the 8oz DP at Old Town Market (Galaxy) in Galax, VA, near I-77/NC state line. I saw it in other supermarkets along US 58 and I believe in Abingdon also. The canner code is "SS".
What's a 16.9?
The Ale-8-One from Harlan was canned by Cardinal in Elizabethtown KY. Did you find the green glass longnecks on your trip? All I saw were the shorter, clear bottles. How about stuff from the Greensburg bottler, was that easy to find around I-75?

drpepperman, come on, admit it, you'd love to go to a night race at bristol and hang around long enough to hunt up a few sodas, eh? just add another few days to that trip... :D

11-27-2003, 10:57 PM
SS is Silver Spring, MD IIRC, but I thought that was only a PET facility.

11-28-2003, 11:22 AM
Originally posted by Cheer-wined:

drpepperman, come on, admit it, you'd love to go to a night race at bristol and hang around long enough to hunt up a few sodas, eh? just add another few days to that trip... :D Yes but whose going to croak and leave me their ticket?

11-28-2003, 12:22 PM
yeah, could be a problem with that ticket.

the 8oz mountain dews that I picked up in Danville last week were also coded SS, so I guess someone got a canning line for Christmas?!

11-29-2003, 07:29 PM
If it's a Pepsi 8oz DP, then SS isn't Silver Spring. SS=Silver Spring is a CCE code.

Yeah, the Ale-8-1 I have is the green glass. It has 1926 and 2003 in the glass above the label.. Looks really cool. The label is painted on, while the Diet I bought around Lexington (I think) which was produced by corporate has a waxy paper label applied to it.

I don't recall if I noticed anything from the Greensburg bottler.. sorry.

11-29-2003, 08:22 PM
Everytime I visit a city I haven't been in for a while (or ever), I also check out the sodas, & the local outdoor sirens, my other hobby.

Nice pictures, CW. :cool:

The only ones of these I can find around here is the Pepsi Blue & Wild Cherries, & the Faygo through Real Soda & Cost Plus.

You also surprised me about the Frostie Cherry & Grape. I WANT TO TRY THEM!!! I'm still also looking for Fanta Red Cream Soda, Nehi Strawberry, & Patio Orange & Grape.

I remember once traveling in Georgia I stopped at the ONLY (at that time) A&W Drive In for several hundred miles around in Tryon, GA. Yet, I think they had the soda in some areas there.

Yep, a lot of these don't seem to show up in the west :(

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11-30-2003, 12:03 AM
I guess I kept thinking Coke had DP in all of East TN, I know they have it statewide from Knoxville on, but I'm unsure about the Tri-Cities.

Terry K
11-30-2003, 05:03 AM
Originally posted by teamtitan512:
I guess I kept thinking Coke had DP in all of East TN, I know they have it statewide from Knoxville on, but I'm unsure about the Tri-Cities. A quick check of my resources indicates CCE has DP in most of east TN, *however*, PBG has it in northeast TN (around the NC/VA border, as well as Pepsi Hunicutt of Norton VA, and Middlesboro Coke has it in one county in TN.

As far as that goes, there's only 3 or so other Pepsi bottlers who have DP in the entire state of TN. One is Pepsi Marion/MidAmerica, and the other is Pepsi Dyersburg.

Otherwise, CCE, Consolidated, and United seemingly have most of the territory (and a couple Coke indies)

11-30-2003, 11:23 AM
hacksaw, the grape frostie surprised me as well, there are many stores around here that stock frostie but only the 4 flavors (sometimes minus the rb) shown on their website - rb,cherry lime,blue cream,peach. I think Wal-Mart carries Frostie nationally(?) so maybe you could find the cherry there. One thing I did notice different about the grape, the code was "TB" but others were "NO". I think their root beer is a very good product, so I'm looking forward to trying that grape.

tried the grape. if they all taste like that then i know why they're not in stores around here...

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11-30-2003, 11:47 AM
terry, what you've mentioned matches what i saw there. i found pepsi norton products in KY,TN,VA ... they must use mountain goats to deliver in some of those places. Their products are coded NV, but I also found Squirt from Southwest Beverage Co. of Norton with an NV code. Is NV a co-pack canning facility?

11-30-2003, 03:16 PM
From west north carolina to 95 then up to richmond is where I found this.

11-30-2003, 06:52 PM
narrower pictures, please! smile.gif but yeah, what in the world were you doing in harlan county?

when i was in frakes, kentucky, i found a ton of stuff. i'll have to dig up my list of stuff i found there.

11-30-2003, 10:43 PM
yeah gotta figure out how to squeeze those pictures down.

boris, where did you find the welch's?

one of my relatives who lives in TN is subcontracting on a road works project in Harlan Co. I tagged along with him one day and checked out the town (took about 15 mins. and that was going reeeeeal slow.)

let's see that list...there used to be some interesting stuff coming out of Cardinal in Elizabethtown and Greensburg bottling, maybe you found some of that.

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11-30-2003, 11:22 PM
ok that case of huge picture syndrome should be cured now. i run my monitor at 1280x1024 and i completely forgot about sizing it for normal res. :eek:

12-01-2003, 01:23 AM
it was out of elizabeth and then middlesboro as well.

12-01-2003, 10:25 AM
I found Welch's in Brunswick Georgia in June of 03.

12-01-2003, 11:41 AM
who produced those Welch's grapes?

12-01-2003, 04:30 PM
i know american produces it. it's in michigan, in limited store areas where fruit sodas sell best.

i've seen it up against sunkist, and american will be selling both. i think they don't mind if they have enough room to sell both to get both in the cooler because they figure they'll have better odds of capturing the fruity soda market.

Gene Quagmire
12-01-2003, 04:48 PM
Kentucky native. I LOVES me some Ale - 8 - One.

Damn, that stuff is good. I collect weird beverage containers and I stumbled on this place after searching for Limca and Thums Up on google. Cheers!

12-01-2003, 06:53 PM
Sunkist and Welch's are for the most part always sold together, as usually Sunkist doesn't have Grape, and Welch's doesn't have the orange, so it's usually Sunkist Orange and Welch's Grape, although both brands have some hard to find flavors.

12-01-2003, 08:23 PM
I have some Limca and Thums Up I brought back from Jungle Jim's this summer. One day I'll have to clear out some room in the fridge for them

Terry K
12-01-2003, 09:40 PM
Originally posted by Cheer-wined:
terry, what you've mentioned matches what i saw there. i found pepsi norton products in KY,TN,VA ... they must use mountain goats to deliver in some of those places. Their products are coded NV, but I also found Squirt from Southwest Beverage Co. of Norton with an NV code. Is NV a co-pack canning facility? I doubt NV is a co-packer. Remember, a bottler may operate under several names for legacy reasons.

In Wyoming, its not uncommon to find some products that say "Admiral Beverages", others that say "Fremont Beverages", or a combo of the two. (A/F runs everything DPSU and Pepsi)

They're one legal entity, but they keep seperate identities because they have two businesses. One is a 7up bottler in Utah, and the other being the Pepsi business in Wyoming (they just happen to meet in Wyoming)

12-02-2003, 11:11 AM