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09-23-2002, 04:43 PM
Monarch says that they will be launching flavor extensions soon on the moxie line.

what is the dad's root beer brown bottle program, anyone?

monarch also has "rush energy" which looks like a BIG K ENERGY DRINK.

they have dr wells which they swear is in direct competition with dr pepper. hahaha. Poland was in direct competition with germany in '39.

monarch also is establishind a distributorship in the ivory coast folks! which is hilarious, because the ivory coast is under heavy military duress.

man that website/company is a freaking joke. they have off brands, which is cool. but they make them all look like hackAmerica's Choice soda pop.
Monarch Beverages Undeniable Sucks

09-23-2002, 08:23 PM
Let's not forget they bought All Sport from Pepsi, and have relaunched that. Too bad I've only seen it in a few stores in Pennsylvania.

09-23-2002, 10:45 PM
all sport is now non-carbonated, which is smart because no sports drink should be carbonated. however, they should've just left it alone. it's in the same bottle, same distribution but now pepsi's not pushing it at all. Monarch has to be some of the stupidest people ever to live. Dad's is only in chicago/midwest and ontario. moxies only in the NE. Bubble up is supposedly "widely available" in the midwest ( ihaven't seen it in years, about as plentiful as upper 10).

Monarch is about as quality as most of RC's products, not including RC and Diet Rite (even though those two have the same store brand lookalike quality)

09-24-2002, 12:36 AM
You know, they have had their bizarre past but we make their cane-sugar Bubble Up and sell a ton of it. Coke used to bottle that here til the '70's and you'd be surprised how many people buy it in our longneck glass with cane sugar. I've also got a regular following of Moxie drinkers that appreciate our attention to quality; also if you have ever been to one of those 3rd world places where Monarch products are available, they're some of the best drinks you can find!!

09-24-2002, 05:54 PM
So now that Pepsi doesnt own AllSuck do they still bottle it? That was such a bunch of crap.


09-24-2002, 08:14 PM
As I recall bubble up is also bottled in lower Kentucky.

09-24-2002, 10:37 PM
I used to love Dad's root beer when General Bottlers was still putting it out in returnables in central Iowa a few years back. Then, Pepsi made them switch to Muck, err Mug and they dropped it. I bought a can of Dad's Root beer yesterday in NE California. I can't believe its the same drink I used to love. Nasty stuff, don't know if its the ingredients or the alumination or what. I guess I'll give them one more try, on the day I ever come across a glass bottle again. I had planned on going to Toronto in November, where Dad's used to be sold in NR glass, but now that trip is uncertain....


09-25-2002, 01:13 AM
Android, there's a place in Jackson, WY that sells Dad's Root Beer in longneck bottles. We have it with cane sugar and it's awesome. I still say Sparky's is the best. Today I brought some 22oz bomber bottles of Sparky's to a meeting and opened the bottles; told everyone to sniff it first before I pour it. You should have seen the eyes opening wide; as I was pouring it was foaming like Guinness with its velvet carbonation but I think the folks waiting for their glass were foaming at the mouth with anticipation at the same rate!

Canned Dads???? That should be banned by one of those Father's Rights groups!!! :mad:

Real Dad's Longnecks with Cane Sugar??? Pretty good but still I prefer Sparky's [and Abita]. :cool:

09-25-2002, 07:09 AM
Canned Dads???? That should be banned by one of those Father's Rights groups!!! I was thirsty, and had drank a bunch of water already. Was surprised to see Dad's, actually. Dad's was the worst looking of the evils offered in the all-aluminum can cooler. How wrong I was.

Oh, by the way, speaking of root beers, how long has it been since Barq's did NR glass bottles? I have, somewhere, an amber NR bottle. Sort of interesting history - probably 15 years ago or so, my parents drank a lot of beer in returnables. One day they found one that felt funny under the label. We soaked it and peeled off the label. It was the Barq's bottle, someone had fraudulently returned it for deposit and it somehow made it through the bottling plant, gotten filled and a label applied over the embossed labelling.


09-25-2002, 07:03 PM
Coca-Cola still sells Barq's in NR 8oz glass bottles. I know it to be bottled by plant HO (Indianapolis), US (Kokomo, IN) and MR (Miami).

09-25-2002, 11:57 PM
In Baton Rouge they have Barq's 12 oz. clear longnecks.

09-26-2002, 12:48 AM
I've got a full Barq's returnable from Mobile, Alabama. That's great about the beer in the Barq's bottle. I have a Soviet Pepsi whose label was stuck over a Coke label; that's a classic!

Shatter, where can you get those 12oz longnecks for a good price and in quantity???

And those 8oz in Indiana; I'd like to try them as well.

09-26-2002, 07:44 PM
In keeping with the spirit of the recent messages, I had the opportunity to visit Montross, VA today. Stopped by Northern Neck Coca-Cola Bottling Co., home of Carver's Ginger Ale. They don't sell direct to the public anymore (except on the website), so I had to walk down to the corner to get a cold one from a local store.

Best damn ginger ale I've ever had. Made with real ginger and cane sugar, and it came in a glass bottle. smile.gif

09-26-2002, 08:59 PM
Montross, Va is where the Late Show With David Letterman sent Biff Henderson on one of his small town America segments (I can't remember the actual segment name). The Coke bottler would not let them film or something that annoyed them, so Bif stood across the street and drank a Pepsi with the Coke building in the background.

09-26-2002, 11:22 PM
I'm not sure who you could contact to do business with Barq's. I couldn't find hardly any info online. When I went down there, the first place I found some was in a gas station that was so overloaded with product and tightly packed with shelves, it was like a labrynth maze lit by neon beer signs. The kind of store that gives you claustrophobia. But they have Barq's in restaurants and grocery stores. If you could contact someone and set up a deal, I could help you out. You make the deal, and on my vacation I could rent a U-Haul, drive it to Baton Rouge, load it up with Barq's, and then drive it over to Palos Verdes. Then I could drive the truck back here to Dallas with a good selection of cases of your company's sodas in the back! Whaddaya think?

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09-27-2002, 12:47 AM
Hey Shatter... it wouldn't be the first time I've done something like that! If you're game so am I. Dig up all the info you can find and let me know... smile.gif smile.gif

09-27-2002, 11:38 PM
Actually, I wasn't really being serious. I like driving, but not that much! It would take a week to drive to Baton Rouge, pick up the Barq's, drive to California, drop it off, and drive back. I'm always game to go to Louisiana, but mainly just to get some decent Cajun food. You don't realize how much you miss the food until you can't find it around you anymore. Or if you can find it they do something weird with it. Crawfish Enchiladas? No thanks!

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RunWithDaLilGuy 2.0
06-02-2003, 01:53 PM
Let's boycott Monarch then!

06-02-2003, 04:01 PM
Monarch doesn't even bother selling anything in Western MD....from the sound of it, I'm glad they don't.