View Full Version : run with the little guy?

08-12-2004, 01:29 AM
...although jones isnt that little of a guy anymore.

when i posted on this board several years ago, the posters seemed to have a real scavenger instinct, and curiosity, for new products.
not new as in coke and pepsi masturbating their money making potential(although any of their new stuff should be tasted unbiased)... new as in new ideas, companys out there thinking up products to get a real following rather than make cash and split.
now its all arguments about coke vs. pepsi, which might as well be alien vs. predator, democtrat vs. republican, 2 mediocre products that people buy mostly to proove their loyalty to one and dislike of the other... rather than the flavor, which is inargueably not special.
then theres the energy drink market, where to find the interesting flavors and ideas , you have to drink 30 or so 8 oz. cans of bittery citrusy stuff. i feel for the reviewers.

to a certain extent bevheads are at the mercy of the market itself and availability, but there are shiny needles in the dreary haystack, beautiful drinks which go unnoticed while people whine about the sales of new "limited edition"(meaning pulled from stores right when people realize they suck) drinks from the big guys.

im not sure what this is or the reaction that will come(call me a n00b and challenge me to a game of counterstrike) but i suppose its a general complaint about the whole beverage market/beverage fiend relationship. its all boring, pretty much.

as for coke and pepsi, just remember that if 2 monsters try to eat eachother at the same time, they just end up making out.