View Full Version : Homemade fountain idea...

08-17-2004, 03:17 AM
I am horribly addicted to Mountain Dew. I think my local bottler might be putting crack in it or something. :D Anyway, I've got a mini fridge going to waste out in the garage, and I'm thinking about making some kind of fountian. The thing is I want it to be CHEAP!

I was thinking, I could get some kind of ~5 gallon container, and fill it from 2 liter bottles. Then, pressurize the container with CO2 to dispense the Dew. Do you think this would work? Or would I end up with 5 gallons of flat pop?

Also, do you think I could use compressed air instead of CO2? (since it already comes carbonated) I will be setting this up in my garage, and I've already got a big air compressor out there. smile.gif

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