View Full Version : Pepsi FridgeMates seen in WV

08-21-2004, 03:10 AM
The entire display was of them in the Super Wal-Mart in Moorefield, WV. All varieties, including Dr Pepper and Diet Dr Pepper. PBG code NR, I was thinking Norfolk, but why on earth would anything be coming from Norfolk to the middle of nowehere WV? No sign of them anywhere else though.

08-22-2004, 09:39 AM
NR - Nitro, WV, a suburb of Charleston. Still a bit of a haul to Moorefield, but its a haul to there from anywhere.

08-23-2004, 02:31 AM
LOL. It's hard to get any more isolated from humanity than what Moorefield is. Pepsi Petersburg probably is funneling these in. They were a longtime indie that bought from PBG, but chose to start buying from Nitro. They may have always done so, I just always figured they bought from either LE (Johnstown) or BE (Baltimore).

08-23-2004, 09:51 PM
I thought NR was Nitro. You'd be suprised at how far some soda travels. Stuff from CCE's Richmond facility travels over six states. I've seen Cincinnati produced Tab fridgepacks in the Lancaster, PA area as well.

I've seen Nitro product in Lancaster, too. 12 packs of fun runner cold-fill Brisk and Trop flavors.